Lu Zhen runs away to the house of her original betrothed. Will there be another guy? Meanwhile the suspicious guard has taken a wanted poster to the Ministry of Internal government affairs — which is very different from the Internal Harem Affairs. She makes tea with the poison, and realizes that it smells just like the one she saw her father drink that day. Lu Zhen wakes up and Dan Niang feeds her medicine. Here we have the real thing, that hits you with the power of tons of bricks. Gao Zhan realized that he had assumed Lu Zhen had gone to the Dowager on her own and that was a mistaken assumption. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Copyright Sina Weibo For Lu Zhen the realization that Gao Zhan is forgivable and that she has been foolish comes in a cold prison, by the counsel of a dancing girl. Lu Zhen does have do a good job of portraying the cruel abandon of reason and rule of law in the palace. I actually hope that there will be some other guy that will like Lu zhen as well. To heck with it, everyone should know how he feels about her. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He walks towards her.

Yuan Lu tries to talk to him but Gao Zhan shoves him away after punching the air in front of Yuan Lu. Just as the maids go out, a woman in a noh mask dressed in white scares the maids.

Shen Bi bumps into Gao Zhan who helps her up. Huan Yun sits on the marital bed as Gao Yan happily comes to lift her veil. I could have never thought that the woman trying to kill you is the empress dowager.

He asks if everything in the palace is well, and the emperor assures him miniister everyone is very well. The Emperor and Royal Concubine are at a private banquet, where the Royal Concubine is manipulating the overstruck Emperor into allowing her to become Empress when Gao Zhan asks for permission to enter.

The nanny agrees, yes, half of the wealth frmale the house is already being given to Lu Zhen in dowery, but Lu Zhen needs to make new beddings and clothes that will impress the in law. Notify me of new comments via email. She gets advice from her former teacher and goes to talk to Shen Bi and find out just how much she knows.


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She is ordered to kneel for twelve hours in the snow. It is not baseless she would be totally dead by now if they have not pulled some strings but as they keep tabs on her, he should know she worked really hard for every promotion she got.

Will there be another guy?

Lu Zhen arrives for work at the Department of Clothes and Silks to see that Shen Bi has basically taken over everything, and even changed her table. I am just beginning to feel frustrated of this OTP. Lu Zhen, protecting both Gao Zhan and the Eunuch episodw gave it pu her, refuses to answer. Reblogged this on mieranadhirah’s Blog. Gao Zhan is struck with horror as he realizes that the Wu Toe he gave to Lu Zhen is what has caused her to be thrown in prison.

The Good — I have rarely seen dramas where the characters are so open about their relationship.

Lu Zhen introduces herself and asks the girl her name. Lu Zhen says no, that she cried because she felt sorry for her sister. The Eunuch who carried the false order stands and watches her, kicking her whenever she falls down.

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I was also told NOT to drink a beer with a straw who would?! Lu Zhen happily goes back to her place and sees Gao Zhan. Lu Zhen is personally escorted out of the prison by the Head Interrogator. Meanwhile the suspicious guard has taken a wanted poster to the Ministry of Internal government affairs — which is very different from the L Harem Affairs.

As soon as I find the drama I would like to get o idea about, I will definately styrt to nag You about it. Tomorrow, teacher will talk to her cousin who is a magistrate. I love the bromance between the Gao Shan and Gao Yan… especially when the emperor is like a puppy who wants to please his brother by taking care of his love interest… how cute is that?


Email Address never made public. I would like to see that fire in him again. Dan Niang and Yuan Lu are outside.

Realizing that it would be dangerous if it is associated with her and can harm others, she decides to bury the remaining Wu Toe roots, sees a dead bird that drank the poisonous tea, and confirms the deadliness of the poison for herself.

If I had to pick the best episode out of ep. The girl has already woken and the Emperor has punished the doctors who made the wrong diagnosis.

He wonders why he lost control like that and went off on Lu Zhen. Shen Jia Min confesses that it was eepisode who ordered the itching paste to be put on the harp, but it was meant for Lou Qing Qiang. I am so totally not buying this love triangle… I do not know why but I was negating everything I saw in this episode.

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Why did the Princess allow Lu Zhen special access to the palace, why did the Emperor write a character for her personally, why does Lou Qing Qiang favor her so much, why would the Dowager Concubine make her a 1st Level Maid. Notify me of new comments via email.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Lu Zhen advises the investigators to look elsewhere for the poisoner. Will love hime even more in next episodes. He will get ugly figuratively if she continues. You are commenting using your WordPress.