Arabic TV impresarios like Ahmad Berry and Nabeel Hamoud flourish by copying material from media networks controlled and sponsored by Arab governments, and they can do so because they live beyond the reach and attention of those governments. We concentrate on upbeat music from the Arab world, directed at teenagers. In addition, I argue that Iranian popular music holds a unique position among music produced for exile, diaspora, and immigrant communities in the United States, because virtually all of its production and performance takes place outside of its homeland see Naficy , 54—59, and Zinder for details of the business of recording and distributing Persian popular music. They like images and sounds and music and singing. But because they were improvised, you would never see the same play twice. Arab immigrants are often called mughtarabeen , or people who go West, and the Arab community in Detroit calls itself al-jaliya , a term that conjures up images of an ethnic enclave living far from its place of origin. Sharaf ends the novel precisely where he began: The rhetoric is relentless; one sees it everywhere, and everywhere it accentuates the same litany of themes.

But the decision to make them so is as embedded in institutional and power relations as any other discourse. The fashion for Carioca spread. There is nothing else. The Arabs surprised CVI management again by producing their own, Arabic-language advertising, thereby turning a nonprofit community service channel into a very healthy cash cow. But perhaps the Carioca was noteworthy for more than its precociousness. Globalist rhetoric of the present overemphasizes the attraction of Arabic-language material for Arab immigrants to the United States, just as postcolonial theorists axiomatically disparage the ability of nonmetropolitan vernacular culture to flourish despite—or alongside—metropolitan culture. This congruence demands further comment.

But some awards made it plain that the organizing principle for the event was not national popularity but market organization. Baathist Syria has had decidedly mixed results in its efforts to preserve a distinctively Syrian identity.

Blendings of this sort are based largely on programming expediency—they mirror political coalitions and can therefore be easily organized—but they also represent a way of marketing diversity that is supported by assayhir, municipal, state, federal, and private funding agencies.

In the United States the study of transnational immigrant populations, a growth area in all relevant academic disciplines, focuses on exactly the same areas as the wider job market: He has, however, fared better in French, into which three of his five major works have been translated Mehrezn. Significantly, the registers in question were Arabic, a language that was in no way silenced by the pressure of colonial discourse.

The ultimate effects of assimilation to the global system, however, are hotly disputed. Our focus, therefore, is less on what popular culture is than on what it does in its mass-mediated forms, namely, to create new scales of communication and, consequently, new dimensions of modern identity. Senators Levin, Riegle, and now Abraham frequently attend the event, as do the mayors of Dearborn and Detroit, their respective superintendents of schools, corporate bigwigs from Ford, GM, and Chrysler, candidates for public office, and a bevy of lesser notables on the local chain of command.


Both strategies rely on the imaginative and financial resources aswaghir the state, and this dependency, Michael Herzfeld suggests, is something most people are unwilling to relinquish: Arabic-language music videos broadcast on these stations were crucial in defining the market for music in Egypt.

They were linked only by a common name and vaguely Latin American associations. The English-speaking style, however, is more consciously attuned to the themes of ethnicity, multiculturalism, and diversity that circulate in the larger society.

As we continue to serve the most traditional elements of the Arab community and to reach out to non-Arab Americans, we are forced to be flexible and responsive. And below the broadcast level many songs are disseminated on cassettes. For critical takes on celebratory transnationalism, see AsadHarveyand Hannerzall carefully attuned to the oppressive potential of metropolitan cultural forms.

There are no left-leaning or pro-Arab organizations with anything remotely approaching the resources of the Washington Institute. Daily, through public conversations and the media, Americans hear that they are ill equipped to contend with this contact, that divisiveness and confusion are fragmenting the American experience.

But are such phenomena really so unprecedented?

Nigerians consume an American product, but the product is used to define local social hierarchies that have nothing to do with America. Fqrah only casually interested in the region also tend to see the Middle East through the Arab-Israeli conflict because of heavy media coverage of the conflict, to the disadvantage of any other issue conceivably connected to the area.

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Students are increasingly viewed as paying customers rather than the products of academic business who must be satisfied; because more of the customers are now of Hispanic, Asian, or African origin, courses must be offered that are tailored for those markets.

Instead, they can be alien and admissible, remote and near zssaghir hand, all at the same time, all in the same place. In both cases the same message is being sent: The essay was written sasaghir the Institute for Advanced Study, where I found the intellectual detachment I needed to make sense of my experiences in Arab Detroit.

Stokes is not writing about the transnational flow of culture here but about the uncoupling of modernity from nationalism in contemporary Turkey. Both forms use the blackface clown and other stock cast members, improvisation, earthy, sometimes bawdy, language, double entendre jokes and puns, and sight gags, but according to Mofid and other informants, the siyah-bazi is a political theater that uses biting satire to expose political folly, whereas the ru-howzi is a social theater that satirizes domestic life.


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Sharaf contrasts explicitly with Dr. National radio very conservative in its selection of music was another factor in shaping the availability of music.

This grouping overlaps with an international cultural elite of art dealers, publishing and media representatives, the culture industry VIPs who are directly involved in media representations and events, producing images of the world and fklm for the world.

Yet this programming xssaghir, in practice, to make Lebanese, Palestinians, Yemenis, and Iraqis into Americans of a recognizably ethnic sort. The warden agrees to relax his grip on the prison only if Ramzi writes a play and entertains him and the guards. It has become difficult to separate globalization as an agenda of economic determinism Ferguson from globalization as a practice of modern identity Friedmanor globalization as a postmodern culture of media consumption Baudrillard The novel argues for a national project rooted in the Nasser era, which is remarkable for a writer who was among the many intellectuals imprisoned in the period.

For them the music is essentially a brand of exoticism, purchased entirely by reference to their own culture.

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Langlois shows how Algerian Rai music in France became autonomous from Rai production in Algeria. The monolingual nature of Arabic TV might seem commonsensical at first, but it runs xl to linguistic patterns dominant in the community.

Ramzi from long ago, before Ramzi left the country to work as a global raider. We are 95 percent Arabic, and I think it should stay assahhir way. The content and performance of this musical tradition, while sometimes featuring assaghlr sentimental Persian lyrics, largely emphasize the politically and socially irreverent, sexually playful, and satirical, witty, and frivolous broadsides.

It cannot sustain the identities of Arab Detroiters who no longer feel alien or external to American society, who express their alienation and externality in characteristically American terms, or who feel especially strange only in the company of newly arrived Arab immigrants.

We lack writers and actors.