In , an assistant from the Gorky Film Studio came to her school, who was looking for children with good diction. When the pirate threatens her, she throws him out of the window. List of Russian films of topic A list of films produced in Russia in see in film. Films based on works by Kir Bulychov in the Soviet Union Films based on science fiction novels Gorky Film Studio films Russian-language films Russian science fiction television series Soviet television miniseries Films about time travel Soviet children’s television series Russian children’s television series s Soviet television series in fiction Works set in the 20th century Works set in the 21st century Alternate history Cold War fiction s television miniseries. Russian science fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Speculative fiction templates Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Soviet science fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. This page was last edited on 10 December , at The aspiring actress played year-old Cinderella — an ordinary teen who is a little bit strange, dreamy and always gets into strange and unusual situations.

The series is set in a stereotypical space opera world of the late 21st century. Two schoolboys, Kolya Gerasyimov and Fima Korolev, follow a mysterious strange lady to an abandoned house. Lepeshinsky Experimental School the so-called school-commune , gra Meanwhile, the boys are turning more and more paranoid and start acting like in spy movies. The Lilac Ball Russian: Alisa books not only popularize science for children, but also slightly propagate pacifism, environmentalism, racial and religious toleracy. In a park, Kolya hides from a pirate.

In the abandoned house, the pirates start interrogating Kolya.

Kolya confesses to Alisa that he cilm the one who took the myelophone and runs away, distracting the pirates’ attention from Alisa. Views Read Edit View history. Member feedback about Alice’s Birthday: Member feedback about Darya Melnikova: List of fictional diseases topic This article is a list of fictional diseases, disorders, infections, and pathogens which appear in fiction where they have a major plot or thematic importance.


Alisa is a teenage Russian schoolgirl with deep interest in biology and a number of hobbies such as violin playing, “bubble racing” etc. A model attribution edit summary using German: The Mystery of the Third Planet. The other children arrive to help seleznyovaa, as Yulya has told them Alisa’s secret.

Member feedback about List of children’s books made into feature films: Alisa says goodbye and tells the children what they are going to become in the future. Natalya was among one of the children selected and received an invitation to a tryout.

Natalya Guseva: Alisa Seleznyova

Yevgeny Tikhonovich Migunov Russian: List of Vogue Thailand cover models topic This list of Vogue Thailand cover models is a catalog of cover models who have appeared on the cover of Vogue Thailand, the Thai edition of Vogue magazine, starting with the magazine’s first issue in February The other children search the building where Alisa lost Kolya’s track. Meanwhile, Alisa, chasing the pirates, has reached the institute and uses the time machine as well.

As a result, her first role was as a schoolgirl in the children’s short fil Coleidians are expecting the return of their cosmonauts from their first trip Member feedback about Kir Bulychev: Soviet filmmakers, such as Andrei Tarkovsky, also produced many science fiction and fantasy films. In England and Wales it was ranked the 24th most popular name in Member feedback about Alisa Knows What to Do!: Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Crash — Cop’s Daughter Russian: The children use it to scan the remaining flats in the building.


Fima, triumphant that his predictions have come true so far, wonders whether Alisa will try to eliminate Kolya as witness if he gives her the myelophone. Robots and aliens are common. Nevertheless, fulm stories are based on serious ethic conflicts or have a subtext.

This is a list of space pirates, often found in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Alice is a feminine given name used primarily in English and French.

Guest from the Future (Series) – TV Tropes

Yulya has their escape covered up by her grandmother. Time alsa is possible, but reserved only for scientific purposes. He became very close to Adjutant Shiima, whom he freed from Gozma’s dark influence. Den’ rozhdeniya Alisyis a [1] Russian traditionally animated children’s science fiction film, directed by Sergey Seryogin and produced by Master-film studio.

We learn that this place is the institute for temporal research.

Alisa Selezneva

With the fall of the Iron Curtain, modern Russia experienced a renaissance of fantasy. Member feedback about List of space pirates: The most familiar illustrations in the books of the series were made by graphic artist Yevgeni Migunov however many of the earlier illustrations are by Bulychev’s wife.

Lists of films based on books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Among Jews, it is a variation of Aliza. This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in The door to the time machine opens and Polina enters in order to arrest the pirates.

He returns to the institute.