Was this review helpful to you? The voice goes on with its accusations, and Halimah, unable to control herself, runs away into the underbrush In many instances, I’m sure I’m all wrong Or were Halimah’s dreams more than only dreams? Ignore the monsters on the VCD cover: Halimah takes her sister down the river by boat, and then into the deepest, eeriest part of the tropical forest. After all, the pontianak is supposed to be able to change her form into that of a tiger. Pontianak Gua Musang is nearly two hours long, and in a language I don’t understand; yet — in spite of the songs, the comic relief, and the numerous scenes in which people walk to their marks and talk to each other — at no time was I bored by it.

She’s unable to give the increasingly-shrill Halimah a good explanation of where she got it, or from whom. She even has the nerve to take him for a picnic up to Gua Musang, just as Amran had taken her sister. Behind her comes Amran, his shirt undone, his headscarf missing. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. There is a genuine value to portraying the Forces of Evil in whatever form they may take as strong, dangerous enemies, fully capable of defeating the Good Guys even if the Good Guys deserve to win. Halimah supports her nearly-helpless sister as the two women go down to the boat on the river. Halimah is clearly smitten with the handsome Amran, and flattered by his attention to her.

But the film’s emphasis on character is on no way caused by its relative realism: Malaysian horror cinema hit its peak in the late ‘s, when two series musahg films based on traditional stories took the country by storm.

And to be fair, all this corny comic relief leads to what I think is one of the high points of the film.

When we return to the main story, we find Rohani has developed a taste for odd foods. It’s a beautiful ornamented necklace.

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The Eternal Evils of Asia. And the struggle continues today, as censorship issues make life miserable for Harry Potter as well as “serious” Malaysian directors like Yasmin Ahmad and Amir Muhammad. They name her Comel pronounced “Chomel” — “the cute one”, which by an amazing coincidence is the name of the original pontianak from the Maria Menado series of the ‘s.

The old Mandarin waves his incense and chants over bowls of food offerings, while villagers in tiger suits do ferocious dances.

Pontianak Gua Musang

This makes Amran, who is trying his best to be a loving husband, very unhappy. Collapsing behind a patch of trees, she gives birth to her baby and expires. Unfortunately she didn’t appear in “Pontianak Gua Musang”,which was the sequel to “Pontianak Kembali”.


He also reveals how he’d found the baby’s mother dying in the woods. I think it’s very unlikely that Pontianak Gua Musang will be receiving a U. Shuhaimi Baba’s Pontianak Sundal Malam was made entirely according to the official rules, and was a popular success; this success allowed the same director to bend the rules somewhat in the sequel. Halimah is clearly smitten with the handsome Amran, and flattered by his attention to her. Back in the village, Comel’s boyfriend runs into a fat old Mandarin who is supposed to know Taoist magic.

Made by the same director and many of the same actors and crew that had made the original Pontianak series, this film feels very much like a realist re-interpretation of the story of the original trilogy. But Rohani knows where Amran’s interest lies. Amran and Rohani sit in front of the cave, peeling rambutans and dreaming of their future together at leat, I think that’s what they’re saying.

Halimah seems to misunderstand the warmth of his first gaze; but with the confidence borne of the knowledge that Rohani will never return, she turns on the charm and starts to work seducing Amran. The voice accuses Halimah herself of having murdered her own sister. I’m amazed to realize that Mat Sentul has been growing on me, and I’ve even considered looking up the movie parodies he did throughout the 60’s and 70’s, such as the spy movie parody Mat Bondor the previously-mentioned horror spoof, Mat Toyol.

The problems which might have faced people who wanted to make true horror films — had there been any, which is unclear — seemed trivial compared to the struggles of those who dared to attempt making movies with some sort of political or social significance. On their way back to town, the villagers run into the supposed “Orang Minyak”, who is busy wiping the crumbs of his stolen snacks off his chin Still, these Malay films retain their charm today — because they were made for an audience that didn’t need seamless technical trickery to fire its imagination.

Amran, for his part, looks up to see who is calling from his garden gate Back in the ‘s “Pontianak” series was very popular in Malaysia.

Sure, Pontianak Gua Musang works well within the sort of restrictions that are now mandatory. Halimah isn’t about to let a few bad dreams distract her from winning her man. At one point, Rohani in her innocence says something unfortunate: In their specific details, they arise from the deepest wellsprings of a culture’s identity — yet so many stories from so many disparate parts of the world have so much in common that their basic motifs have been collected, indexed and cross-referenced — and it’s amazing to see how a single story can recur with so many variations all over the planet.


By the last major Malay film studio closed its doors 1. Together, the three men sing a short but catchy song, warning the audience not to listen to ghost stories, because those things only encourage the ghosts to come and haunt you.

All she wants is a light for her fire You can imagine what happens here. Halimah not realizing the old woodcutter has discovered the wonders of cave acoustics panics. Almost offhandedly, Amran suggests they go for a little picnic up by Gua Musang, a cave down river. The Ppontianak Man gives a brief chuckle and moves over toward the bowls of food The poor old Mandarin is reduced to gibbering, “It’s a monster!

The woodcutter agrees to take Comel with him, to keep her safe from the suspicious villagers.

Start With a Classic Cult. All at once, much to everyone’s surprise, the bushes in the forest start rustling.

To her, it’s as though the voice of Allah were coming down from heaven to expose her guilt. Malaysia then known as the Federation of Malaya had gained its independence from Great Britain inwhich curiously enough is also the year the Malaysian horror boom began in earnest. Fortunately for Walid, he catches sight of Mat’s spindly legs and feet under the dress and realizes he’s been had.

Or were Halimah’s dreams more than only dreams? The two sit by the water, starry-eyed, exchanging gooey endearments that really need no translation she calls him “big brother”, but that’s not as creepy as it ponianak. Watch now on “UnMade”. In many instances, I’m sure I’m all wrong It makes a very interesting companion-piece to, say, Sumpah Pontianak the only surviving film of the original, genuinely supernaturally-themed Pontianak trilogy ; but I would hate pontiana see it serve as the earlier film’s replacement.

After all, the young girl’s resemblance to the long-disappeared Rohani is very, very nusang. The three men, in their long white bua and hideous masks, start doing a wild pontianak dance So if you like Asian horror give this forgotten gem a look.

The only supernatural occurance that can be explained without doubt is the appearance of the Oily Man.