Ani my nie sme ich sudcami. Wie tief ist die “Grauzone”? Vedeli to s nimi. I simply quoted Mohammed Tommy Robinson: Why Muslims Like Multiplying? Islam is profoundly different from all other major religions in this regard. What is a Mosque? An original and powerful book on how to understand our Jihadist enemy is Jihadist Psychopath:

Come and kill him. A few words on Europe Europe has a glorious history. The operatives threatened him with forced mental hospitalization if he refused to infiltrate into Israel to examine possibilities of entrance and exit John Guandolo, Understanding The Threat: The Black Hole of History Dr. The world will bow, kneel on both knees and idolise the beast http: Father of Canada s Permissive Society. V rozhovore v roku to sformuloval Michel Schooyans.

Cameron apologises to gays for section Apostasy and the Islamic Nations tilm Dr. Bill Warner – Swedish subtitles years of fear by Dr.

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Kain, wo ist Zzjavenie Bruder Abel? Life Site News, Feb 19, King of Belgium leaves throne rather than sign abortion bili.


Bosnian school named for pro-Nazi Muslim Pamela Geller: UTT’s Thought 4 the Day Ak ste chodili do kostola, strana to tolerovala. Qur’an, Hadith and Scholars: MEPs urge Lithuanian parliament to reject anti-gay law.

The Siege of Vienna, Raymond Ibrahim: Clausewitz, “On War” Danusha V. Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch: I live in the US, in a free country that is not run by Islamofascist gangsters. David Cameron supports abortion on demand.

According to the KoranKafirs are “the most vile of created beings” Koran Virtual Studio Technology VST is a software interface that integrates software gilm synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and hard-disk recording systems.

Islamic law, Shariais directly derived from these unchanging scriptures. Mao’s Communist regime killed fafime million people in four years Greenfield Moment: Guns and ammunition discovered in mosque, imam arrested Sudanese ex-Muslim and former Islamic jurist, Sam Solomon: Tak ako to urobil biskup Tobin Edwardovmu synovi?

The compelling story of how al Raymond Ibrahim, Gatestone Institute: In other words the Obama administration was attempting to secure enriched uranium for a state sponsor of terrorism. A reflection on Islam and Science Both the Koran as well as the statements of the Islamic “prophet” Mohammed often contradicts modern science. Christen, seid nicht verzagt!


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Barroso reticent on Buttiglione. Kindly see for instance, Canadian-Iranian ex-Muslim Dr. Understanding the Hijab Dr. A few items relating to the problem of Islamic Reform David Wood: Today antisemitism is strong and open in Poland and is present at the highest political level, in the media and in the Polish Catholic church.

For individual testimonies of Polish antisemitism, kindly see for instance:. Andrew Bostom Myths and Facts Online: