How Much Have You Seen? Search for Lottery awards. Do you have a demo reel? Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Hijackers are taking over the plane and landing it at the American army airport near Munich. TV documentary series about Tito, in 13 episodes, which aims to introduce present and future generations, as well as the entire Croatian and international public on an original, intimate and maximum impartiality and non-ideological way, and to give an insight into the personality of Tito and into the whole epoch, and to document and prove his and their position and influence on Croatian, Yugolslavian and international historical events in that period of time and up to date.

A young man, a boy, and a sparrow encounter a drama, the power of the summer siesta forces them into a meaningless crime. Their disagreement should be solved at the Ministry and they both fly to Prague for this reason. A group of eight people is invited to a party held by an unspecified celebrity. It is possible to start a new life on a remote and vast lighthouse, but only until an Angel appears. A poem about the mind and skills of our people. The student Olina is becoming close with Martinec, who recently started subletting at the Kovandas, a childless married couple. One of the first documentaries about the Mediterranean beauty of Split. The protagonist of this story set in a courtroom is Kudrna, a hard-working honourable director of a hydroelectric power station.

We see the same places where he passed through while he was alive. Will the jealous and aggrieved Marcel manage a convincing performance? Three old desperados on a summer afternoon rudely break up one innocent, pure love. He manages to escape after an interrogation and, with the help of German anti-fascists and the Czechoslovak consul, manages to get the kidnapped Czechoslovak citizens back to their country. Komedija koja ismijava samoupravljanje u kojem radnici postaju vlasnici luksuznog hotela na obali Jadranskog mora.


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Your National Lottery funded project. Maruna, whose husband is in prison, is reserved and not very friendly. Adriatic is the most beautiful sea in the world. Two families are sworn enemies and they only make peace when their children fall in love and die a violent death.

It is a story of two young administrative workers saving their money throughout the year to spend a few carefree days; two plumbers seeking erotic pleasure; a construction-site manager embezzling the wages of all his team; an unacknowledged inventor and a former major of the British Army who snrti alcohol-addict due to the political oppression of the post-war period. In Paris in the s, a concert violinist meets and falls in love with a stylish young flapper who’s the wife of an old friend.

A German couple zvonny a vacation on the island of Hvar drags in their game a young man.

Igrani film je sastavljen od tri filma “Valcer”, “Ave Marija” i “Mora”. Under pressure from his superiors, he has made the greatest possible effort to put the new hydro plant into operation as soon as possible. Through endless halls, a voice travels and meets its owners. Then it becomes clear that Martinec is a superficial man, trying to persuade Olina that she should have an abortion. They both have low salaries and forever struggle with a lack of money.

Courses, training and conferences for teachers. A day in lik of a violent teenager Giovani. He doesn’t even have enough money for Fanny’s medicine. Hanka has a quarrel with Josef and he pushes her into a cupboard, locks her there, and continues with rilm fight. Time and space grasp human freedom to raving senses and crime. Deputy Horvat also refuses to betray his country. Become a BFI Champion. Experimant o prostoru i vremenu, bez vremena zvkny prostora.


He says he’s an angel from God, sent to help Mishkin. But some time later the authorities decide that the Jews must leave the city. And can the angel perform the miracle that he promises? His wife Fanny is very ill.

Ljetno podne, usijanje, plotska ljubav pod maslinom i kad je sve u zenitu – eksplodira priroda i ljudi. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Professional 35mm rape as a replica to the film “Portraits Passing By”. Nobody suspected that he was an American spy. Beckettova drama o usamljenom starcu i magnetofonu snimljena je sa tri televizijske kamere. He died on January 28, in Jevany, Czech Republic. His subordinates, however, have taken this as an opportunity to steal assets, resulting in one employee hanging himself.

Interviews with the filmmakers are interwoven with on-set footage, giving us fresh insights into how a dramatic movie is made.

Three short films, “Morning”, “Noon”, “Midnight”, a group of boys and girls play games. Find out about international touring programmes. Different armies pass through and leave devastation behind.

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Summer afternoon in a city yard. Petr wants to help Karel so he calls the old man once more. A film examining the feelings of different people spending the night in zvonj fancy night club.