Season 2 Episode Eddie, talk to me! Somebody’s trying to stop this demolition and you want me to help you stop him? He was wheeled out to surgery towards the end. Archived from the original PDF on October 29, The SRU keeps looking around for where these shots are coming from, and Jules finds that this rifle was probably stolen from the retired hockey player. When you think you’re gonna die? It’s hard to see Ed so torn up at the end of that!!!

Parker is lured into a trap after being called away on undisclosed personal business. Archived from the original on October 1, The team is able to apprehend most of the members, but three bombers escape and the SRU must find them before their bombs are detonated. Retrieved February 4, So I don’t get completely hung up on this particular episode, I also love the scene at the end of Business As Usual where Ed brings coffee to the men while they wait after being arrested. The team goes after a corporate robber who streams his robberies on the Internet and has thousands of followers. You made the right decision. Team One is tipped off to a white supremacist group who is planning a spate of bombings against immigrants across the city.


Hey, you found his his musketeers.

He’s cut the wires. I want to fucking kill to see that game.

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I agree with you, Karla. Archived from the original PDF on December 14, I only saw it once. He knows this place inside out.

The SRU stands by Sam as he packs up his locker. And there’s nothing you could have done Sam, to change that. Retrieved January 3, The SRU is called to the coliseum. The girls were legally adopted while she was in prison, however, and she has no legal claim to being their mother.

You know, when things got bad over there, I I had one thing that I could hold on to. Retrieved November 19, Retrieved December 22, Spike does proper ones. And I got nothing here. Incidentally–is it okay if I add you to my friends-list?

Character’s most memorable moments.

Jules and Sam find out that Jules is pregnant with Sam’s child. That’s my son in there.

Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. No one wants this job. Subject’s name is Darren Kovacs. The SRU responds to an abduction of a high school student, Carlton, but he flees once he has been rescued.

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Even their postures while he was talking to Darren indicated they were listening as hard as they could. I’m letting you do this. He discovers the dressing room, and keeps walking.


You wanna know what my war was Kovacs? The suspect is convinced that there is a terrorist bomb about to flsahpoint off and demands the presence of the restaurant owner, who is of Middle Eastern descent, who is accused of being the lead terrorist. He doesn’t know Spike. And the one I should have been able to reach, I mean the one guy, I couldn’t.

Two teenagers find themselves with hostages when their attempted robbery of a supermarket goes awry. The three become paranoid as to whom is the snitch and begin to turn on each other. All right, it’s a pretty sophisticated device for a civilian.

Two children are abducted by a woman wielding a knife with no apparent motive. Archived from the original PDF on November 11, What do I get to call you?