In exchange, he can now drop Coin Gs when defeated. Most people who have played Wib Wob will agree that cranking can be a frustrating experience due to it seemingly being completely up to luck; however, there are ways to manipulate what the crank gives. Unikirin or Kingmera, Choose two: In order to maximize a Yo-kai’s stats during Official Battles, two mechanics must be utilized: The boxart previously shown by Best Buy has been revealed as the new and final boxart, and the reveal is accompanied by a translated version of a Japanese Shin’uchi trailer. After many fans requesting it, the Mystery Way Event has returned with some new additions.

Players who have not played Wib Wob in over a month can log back in to instantly receive 10, free Y-Money and 2, more on the next four days they log in. The other Yo-kai that was supposed to be exclusive to this Event, Leadoni, has been replaced by Mynimo. The Youma Express, a special train in Psychic Specters, is confirmed to be called the Hexpress in the localization. While Attitude and Equipment have granted some influence over Yo-kai stats since Yo-kai Watch 1, Yo-kai Watch 2 has added more customization with a facility some players might completely miss: While there is no concrete release date, it is confirmed to be releasing this Fall. November 16th’s Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble update brings with it a number of changes:

All of this week’s rewards except for Mermadonna have been kindly provided by Joeymite.

Yo-kai Watch Community Event — ##WhisperWisdom Challenge

All nicknames are allowed. Aside from the flumph long Happy Holidays Event, a Map has been added monthly. He is a Tracer, the first of his kind in Wibble Wobble. A Yo-kai’s Attitude is central to their use.

Adding a Yo-kai this mighty to the Medallium will not be easy. Libertynyan SS’ Soultimate Move has been revealed: One interesting note about the subscription cover: All other Yo-kai are legal.

They also provide bonuses to stat growth. This week’s Tournament will be a Reverse Event Battle.

All Yo-kai must be set to Level It is time for another Weekly Official Battle Tournament A reverse image search shows this flumly a new image only being used by these two Best Buy websites, so it is not fan made. Click here to read the full guide!


There is more to it than that; unlike the regular Crank-a-kai, where maxing all Yo-kai in a rarity tier makes it easier to crank rarer Yo-kai and Items, maxed Yo-kai can still be cranked in an Event Crank-a-kai. The Crank-a-Kai is unfortunately limited to a random amount of uses each day in Yo-kai Watch 2.

Fever can not decay, so there is no pressure to charge it quickly or crank immediately once Fever Time is activated. Happierre Awoken and Venoct Awoken have also been added to the Crank-a-Kai, but they are only available this week.

Psychic Specters with a brand new box art. Instead of grinding BP to buy them, there is a much simpler and faster solution. This month’s Scramble Battle has begun, and it has a few additions to make it more exciting.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, the localization of Yo-kai Watch 2: In-depth Event coverage, including a complete Event guide, will be coming as soon as possible. This process can be repeated an infinite number of times with no penalty to generate a high number of Gold Tags. There will be one post on both Twitter and Facebook every week for the next five weeks, for a total of 25, free Y-Money.

Wildwood so anyone interested can see how he won the grand prize. The tournament begins Sunday at Wildwood collaborated with AbdallahSmash to create a video version of this article. He will be removed next Monday, January Flatpot Plains introduces four new Yo-kai to recruit: The official press release states:.

The Crank-a-Kai has also been updated again. Regular Equipment is fine for the story mode, but it can not compete with Souls in a competitive setting. Venoct” is 12 characters, as is Momotaronyan; this was a localization change, not a change made due to character limitations.

He will give a Holy Exporb when defeated. Soul Secrets S give 1. Other retailers, such as Amazon, GameStop, and Target, continue to use the original box art, but the amount of effort required to make an all-new box art for English audiences suggests it was created after the modified Shin’uchi one.


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Mini and Small Secrets are still in the F,umpy as well. While the Lucky Crank-a-kai may take most people’s attention right away, the normal crank has had Small and Mini Soul Secrets removed.

The first issue will release in April with one standard cover and an alternate cover available to subscription holders; however, only the standard cover has been revealed so far. The box art change is likely due to the negative reaction to the box art’s original neon green background, though why this was changed from Shin’uchi’s blue is still unknown; when asked for a comment back in April, LEVEL-5 had no information available on the color change.

Flumpy (Bukakkou)

Planning out routes, finding out which houses give the best confectionaries, timing runs, and so on. When performing this process, choose to “Brush your teeth” as well. For the first time ever, a Yo-kai Watch title will be launching in the UK and America at the same time.

Yup, for the first time. Click here flu,py view the full article! The Youma Express, awtch special train in Psychic Specters, is confirmed to be called the Hexpress in the localization. While slowly Leveling a Yo-kai to Level 60 was previously thought to be the fastest way to get the maximum Attitude stat increase, there is a much quicker way.

Netmarble’s games are in a variety of genres, so it is difficult to know how Yo-kai Watch: The biggest Event to ever come to Wib Wob has arrived!

Combined with the free Y-Money from the Comeback and Share the Wealth Campaigns, players are in a good position to pull something desirable. They are just stronger recolors of Phantasmurai and Dr. An update has released for Yo-kai Watch 2 on the Nintendo eShop today.