Kevin Bright as Kevin S. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Retrieved June 2, Joey Tribbiani as Matt Le Blanc. Season 4 Episode Two brief behind-the-scenes featurettes were filmed, titled Friends Goes to London and Friends on Location in London , which were included on the DVD releases of seasons four and five. Chandler makes a toast that is not well received by the guests and Monica is taken aback when a drunken guest mistakes her for Ross’s mother. Phoebe helps Monica cater a funeral, but the widow won’t pay them.

Elliott Gould inadvertently revealed to the public that Rachel was to turn up at the wedding, upsetting Marta Kauffman. The Gentleman on the Plane: Andrea Waltham June Whitfield Joey is enticed when a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman shows up at the apartment. Chandler and Joey are delighted when they discover a free pornography channel on their TV. Mark Kunerth Teleplay by:

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The Gentleman on the Plane: Retrieved from ” https: Start your free trial. Ross cannot come to terms with how dirty his new girlfriend’s apartment is.

Steven Waltham Hugh Laurie The episode received good critical feedback in the US on its first broadcast, and is often cited as one s4f24 the series’ best episodes; however, when it aired in the United Kingdom it was poorly received, with criticism focused on the one-dimensional portrayal of Britain and the British.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Unofficial Guide to Friends state there are “too many ‘best moments’ to list in detail”, but single out Rachel describing the perfect wedding to Ross, and Sarah Ferguson’s cameo though they call Branson’s “embarrassing”.

At the hall, she sees how happy Ross is with Emily and just wishes him luck. Alicia Sky Varinaitis Teleplay by: Chandler becomes smitten with Joey’s new girlfriend, Kathy.

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Later, Ross and Monica surprise Emily by turning the ruins into a stunning venue. Retrieved 9 April In Part 2, Phoebe tries to contact someone by phone to warn them about Rachel, eventually getting through to Joey at the hotel and stirring up homesickness in him. Bright on locations in London, and in front of a live studio audience at The Fountain Studios. The hotel room set was recreated for those scenes. Chandler’s attempt to set Rachel up with one of his work colleagues goes wrong.


Rachel believes it will be too heart-breaking to watch, so she decides not to go. Rachel receives a shock when she is moved to another department and develops a crush on one of her clients. Entertainment Weekly gives the episode an A rating, calling it a “near-perfect finale that finds everyone at the top of their game” with a “tantalizing cliff-hanger, and, in Chandler and Monica, a relationship that will have reverberations for seasons to come”.

Joey develops an unpleasant aroma following a fishing trip with his father and goes to work where he is starring in a movie alongside Charlton Heston without taking a shower. Said book was bundled into a gift pack entitled “The One with the Whole London Wedding”, which featured an extended cut of this episode merged with the next episode. Michael Borkow Story by: List of Friends characters.

In other projects Wikiquote. Ross and Emily’s parents get into an argument over the bill for the wedding. Ross chooses Joey to be his best man, but Joey loses the s4d24 ring. Joey is terribly homesick, despite playing best man jointly with Chandler.

The episode was filmed in March under the direction of executive producer Kevin S.

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Rachel has ffiends go back to her apartment in the West Village to get her passport, and then goes back to the airport just after the plane has left the frifnds. Ross is torn between Rachel and Bonnie and ultimately regrets his decision. Chandler struggles to find a birthday present for Kathy from Joey that beats his own gift.


The Gentleman on the Plane. Ross wants to prove that he is tough to Emily by playing rugby with some of her British friends.

Phoebe tries to warn the gang that Rachel is coming to London to tell Ross she still loves him. Rachel becomes double-booked when Joshua invites her to a club opening but her ffiends also asks her to accompany his niece, Emily, to the opera. Monica and Rachel make desperate attempts to win their apartment back from Joey and Chandler, including bribing them with Knicks tickets and enlisting Phoebe’s help in a game.

Ross and Emily’s marriage was originally planned to last, but Helen Baxendale did not wish to remain in America while pregnant.

Monica and Phoebe buy a van for their new catering business, but things are shaken up when Monica writes a critical review of a restaurant called Alessandro’s. Se424 Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The One with Ross’s Wedding

Rachel decides to throw a surprise leaving party for Emily as an excuse to see Joshua outside of work in order to seduce him. Phoebe receives a shock and is angry when Phoebe Abbott reveals her true identity. List of Friends episodes.

Share this Rating Title: Retrieved July 31, Monica later suggests Emily postpone the wedding until everything is perfect. Monica becomes stressed when she discovers a switch in the apartment that appears to have no function. Ross is once again disheartened at Emily returning to London, so they suddenly decide to get married.