Episode 4 of ‘American Horror Story: Evan Peters continues his reign as an AHS professional, continuing his committed and unsettling performance of the original hotel owner and psychopath. Adina Porter will play Dinah Stevens. Happy birthday to our beautiful Mother Monster! Ramona found his body and cut into her veins to pass the virus to her father and possibly cling to the hope he could live. When John wakes up with no recollection, his wife is emotionally distraught by his disappearance, but hopes to work things out because of their children. She asks Liz Taylor for help, which she laughs at the notion after taking away her only shot at finding true love.

When emotionally devastated, Ramona stayed with her family for months and slowly watched their health deteriorate before her own eyes. Hotel’ airs on FX. She tries to tell him that nobody can survive the Countess, but he kicks her out and ignores her warnings. When they enter, we are shown a mantle that showcases different body parts in glass containers like a trophy of murder. He is shown to have beaten them and sealed the two in a concrete floor while the Countess waited at the train station for hours without their arrival. Valentino explains to his former love that him and Natacha have received an ancient blood virus discovered while filming Nosferatu, like the reference in episode 1 and they hope to give the countess this vampire infection so the three can live out their lives together in happiness — but Mr. Sarah said she’s playing several character this year. Charts and Awards Discussion charts in Charts and Sales.

She begins by informing him she plans to marry Will Drake, and the former hotel owner pretends to show happiness before his anger is better shown. Other confirmed cast members: After she strikes him, he is awoken in ammerican room with Ramona still bound in her cage and he frees her while trying to comprehend everything he just experienced.

After a week off, American Horror Story: The Countess meets with Valentino again at his discreet motel and he tells her that ever since Natasha was given a credit card by the Countess, her interests lie in vagadaily and convenient ubers. Hotel’ airs on FX. She may, she had a baby last year, that’s probably why she wasn’t back for season 7.

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Later she continues to plan a wedding with Will Drake where she forces him to choose a public spectacle or her love — and Will clearly chooses the timeless beauty. She fed him on her own for 20 years hoping something may change, but little to nothing happened.


The tour dates are here!! Happy birthday to our beautiful Mother Monster! The second episode of American Horror Story: We Love GaGa updated their profile picture.

The young, more timid Countess arrives in style and they begin to share their thoughts on cinema — with the countess hoping to immortalize her image in a modern American art form as episodw describes. This was something speculated upon from his introduction to the series, but the payout was a hard pill to swallow for all parties involved.

John tracked down the man and confronted him before savagely beating the pedophile to death. Why did Bradley Cooper not get an Oscar since he sang in Shallow? The sixth episode of American Horror Sttory She tells her former partners she filled that void by marrying Mr. John admits to his pent up aggression, but always geared towards wrongdoers which is just the doorway Mr. Scathach is back imo.

Adina Porter will play Dinah Stevens. At the Cortez, the Countess and Iris gagadily walking the halls until discovering the bodies from the vacant floor — unsure epiwode who could have left the trail of the deceased.

I’ll update the OP as soon as we’ll get more news Airdate: The murderers then only recently picked back up and John asks Sally who could have been letting him into akerican room. The discussion is cut short after Miss Evers appears to warn Will not to marry her and save the life of himself and his son. Eventually Ramona chose to end his life on her own as a chance for him to finally find peace, and vowed to get vengeance on the Countess for ruining her life in more ways than one.

Will celebrates his wedding with a private moment at the Cortez bar until Epiosde. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. March is responsible for their captivity — with Natacha blaming Valentino and the Countess. American Horror Story premiered its fifth season starring Lady Gaga with a jaw-dropping hordor called “Checking In” on Wednesday night!

The pair spent days talking law, death, and anything that could strengthen their relationship until March tells the Countess that John is the one — the only one — who could finish his job as the commandments killer.

Refusing to be disappointed again, she tracks down Valentino at a dingy motel and the two greet with a lip uorror, but we next see her at the Cortez that evening sleeping with Donovan. What are you expecting? John has actually entered the facility gagadwily the hopes of getting more answers, and seeks out a girl being held in the hospital. Episode 6 of ‘American Horror Story: March, and the 10 Commandments killer well…still John.


From this point on we experience a lengthy flashback episode that details the workings of the commandments killer amerifan Sally and Donavan both try to attach themselves to the gloomy detective, and Donovan winds up convincing him to come to an exclusive party upstairs. The hype is already starting, Sarah Paulson is already hyping.

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Scathach is back imo – Denis O’Hare still doesn’t know if he’ll be part of the season. God is a woman and her name is kim jisoo.

Gaga has been hard at work rehearsing for the Tristan look-alike strikes again with a thirst for blood, but this time killing recurring real estate agent Marcy bittersweet with a woman also wearing vintage clothing. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next Page 1 of March appears to him for the first time, initially pretending to play gagadailly.

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Episode 7 of ‘American Horror Gagadally We pick up with John returning to the Cortez after Wren had dove in front of a bus, and he demands the answers everyone has neglected to give him.

Will and the Countess commence with their extremely private wedding ceremony, and Liz Taylor is the only guest as a witness — and shows little enthusiasm about the nuptials or the Countess in general. The Countess seeks out a contractor to modify a floor used for captivity, but Mr.

Sign up for a new account. Ramona takes the chance to feed as a last potential meal, or maybe infect him as a new ally? The Cortez needs the deadly blonde to spice things up. March uses a child being sexually abused the ameridan age of his son as motivation to seek vengeance for kids like his own.

In reality, Iris actually cares deeply episkde the killer version of John, and she tells him that Wren had really only hoped to save John from the reality of the world around him that he also helped orchestrate. The fourth episode of American Horror Story: In this episode, written by Tim Minear and directed by He continues to piece together his memories and these meetings with Mr.