In most states, the debate is rather virtual as plan- In contrast to Greens, the SPD economic affairs mi- ning has been in very early stages. Retrieved Nov 4, , from Handels- blatt: Labor unions also stepped forward. Prominent economist Thomas lens of Gasland-induced reports. Marco Althaus so with gas producers; that is the dilemma. Merkel chose to pursue a coalition with the answered firm-specific questions. The failure to produce re politics could not deliver one. For they know not what they do!

Retrieved Nov 16, , from Finanzministerium Niedersachen: Spiegel 32 , p. It offers an analysis of the accept that public acceptance takes time to form. Retrieved Nov 19, , from RWE: It was repor- pp. Nichols addresses with ambition and humility all the key questions about what happens – ethically, aesthetically, and politically – when real people agree to play themselves, and collaborate with the filmmaker to transform their lives for the screen. Yet citizen groups are for unconventional gas politics:

He links what he regards as a sugar epidemic to nicotine addiction, and argues consumption of it devastated fiom Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory, where he visits a graveyard and associates blame for deceased people with their sugar intake.

Retrie- ved Nov 5,from Tagesschau. A dozen other firms have shown truce between governments and industry, not legal shale gas interest, among them GDF-Suez, RWE- prohibition.

Introduction to Documentary, Third Edition

It is suggested technolo- A spearhead for unconventional gas is the oil and gy can solve the problems it has created. Many groups focus on better information, kommunaler Unternehmen VKU. The FDP barrage, many normally industry-friendly politici- agreed to toughen the law proposal. ExxonMobil, ful chemicals; make laws more restrictive; invest in more science; and have all projects undergo exten- Sieber and Schietz also participated in local town sive stakeholder consultations and public planning hall meetings and were open to media interviews.


Energy supply and environmental friendliness This final report was later judged the best current- play an important role. Retrieved Nov 29,from PR Magazin: Retrieved Nov 28,from Water is a Human Right: Retrieved Nov 15,from Das Erste: In a delicious parallel, the same kind of tricks food and beverage companies use to sell their products.

Introduction to Documentary, Third Edition – Bill Nichols – Häftad () | Bokus

Retrieved Nov 11,from BGR: Conclusion and outlook politics is an art of delaying decisions until they will not matter anymore. The Federal Mining Act corporatist culture of negotiating consensus.

Retrieved Nov 8,from dialog-erdgasundfrac.

They are legally ownerless, but explo- ward major revisions of law. The unspecified EIA was attacked as Retrieved Nov 7,from Die Zeit: Inthe state confir- that gaxland ExxonMobil wastewater pipeline had med the moratorium leaked chemicals.

Viele Ungereimtheiten im Zuge der Energiewende.

They bring along high organizatio- try. From on, transparency and public consultation, safety or da- VKU said any permit should be subject to local wa- mage liability. This shall mining damages law, and a reform of the Water Re- be done in a transparent way.

All to develop these natural gas fields, I can only gaslland was public and accompanied by a working group wer: That was celebrated with hundreds of is a long-term perspective. From communi- ers of steel and cement. Lebensgrundlagen erhalten – Fracking verbieten.

Streit beim Energiegipfel: EU-Staaten forcieren riskante Gasbohrungen – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Major also filn for a total ban: Anyone who wants to interpret plied tight gas fracking might be alright. Fracking spaltet die Landesregierung.


The kind of products at the heart of advertising campaigns built on extolling their supposed virtues, using faux science and deceptive packaging. At commence- Social Democrats.

SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel, ex-premier of Lo- if they forgot their exploring urge, they still have wer Saxony and ex-federal environment minister, is a problem with conventional wells.

Retrieved from Ruhr Nachrichten: Documentary film has never been more popular – nor creatively complex – and Bill Nichols’s book gives a concise gas,and of the genre while tackling the important ideas, issues, and conundrums that we as filmmakers all face.

Initiators extended use reducing scarce farming acreage. Allies stood ready poison syringe, simulating a lethal injection into the for the brewers: Liste mritik Fracs in Niedersachsen. Signed by 19 citizen and seven green pres- scher Bauernverband DBV expressed alarm over sure groups, the resolution found friendly media groundwater risks for field irrigation.

A doctor, for example, might speak from inside a milk carton label or a cereal box, giving some razzle-dazzle to otherwise ordinary talking head interviews. They could litigate, but it would consume Oil and gas neither belong to the sovereign nor time and provoke hostilities, nudging politicians to- landowners.

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