The actual number of shoes British women own – and it’s a lot. Tanzanian referee banned for life. Target government, not Akufo-Addo — Ephson urges Mahama. The name alomo gyata is so befitting to the movie – its ridiculously funny as hell sweat: This may take a second or two. Police could have lost shell casings evidence — Ayine. Yep i enjoyed seeing Odo Ntira, very funny and a nice story line too. They should rename their list current hot rappers not best rappers of all time.

Reggie Rockstone- The Grand papa. This may take a second or two. Manasseh is ignorant or unimaginative; his attacks on Zoomlion reckless — Bawa. He is toooooooo funny and he is very right, Personally he has made me gotten into ghanaian local twi movies in the past month cos of him – cos i know i am guaranteed to laugh till rib stiffness sweat:. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Empower local farmers to feed beverage Industry with raw materials — Food Sovereignty Ghana.

Twi Movies Asem Sebe. The realest list shud have been 1. Abeg, they should aesm this man anything he wants. My stomach hurts from laughing sweat: Go hard hip hop rapper.

Okomfour Kwadee-The best story teller of all time. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. God is watching lets value good rap.

I mobie start watching them when I am done with my exams so two weeks from now and post reviews. Empower local farmers to feed beverage Industry with raw materials — Food Sovereignty Ghana. Thread starter samira Start date Mar 10, The best stage craft of all time.

May be top five would be more appropriate…. Its very local, and spoken in Twi, but funny as hell if you understand the language sweat: Life Owes You Nothing So Prev 1 2 3 Next. He was also in Alomo Gyata and all the rest.


New Ghanaian Movies

EC Chair, 6 others cited for contempt of court. The only rapper who can rhyme with proverbs.

Status Not open for further replies. Do u all remember that movie? Edem- Like tinny, broke ethnic boundaries with ewe. Sammy is not a very humble guy. What’s new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. I just wish they’d subtitle it well in everyscene so non ashanti speakers can interpret it. FBI discover 2, sacred native american bones in Indiana man’s basement. Olivia Colman’s trainer reveals how she lost Queen Anne weight.

New York hospice doctor says who you dream about can predict when your time has come. Who made this plastic list??? Hes the fusion of nas and krs 1. In Part 1 – when Luckys’ wife caught him with his mistress and they all started fighting, and you would think Lucky was backing his mistress – then all of a suddden he said to his mistress ” Wo gyina ho eye den, mi yere se ko, Ko eee – wo gyina ho eye den ” meaning ” Why are you standing there like a mumu, my wife said go, c’mon go and stop standing there, didnt you hear my wife” sweat: The only who raps for u to say huh.

Forums New posts Search forums. Com community Advertise With Us. I have 7 ghanaian local movies to go thru this week i cant believe i have gotten into it so much – the local moives are so funny, I love it, my ashanti ppl will kill me with laughter sweat Apparently he is threatening to stop acting if they dont give him a pay raise – since he is so underpaid yet many ppl buy the movies cos of him.

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Asem Sebe –

Manasseh is ignorant or unimaginative; his attacks on Zoomlion reckless — Bawa. That guy Sarfo aka Agya Koo is a classic – He is an utterly excellent actor and funny to the bone sweat: So any new movies guys?


Twi Movies Asem Sebe 2. Names likeOkyeame Kwame, Lord Kenya, Obrafour, Sarkodie and Reggie Rockstone come to mind in that regard… In my candid opinion, lack of consistency makes it very hard to consider making a list of top ten Ghanaian rappers of all time….

Yaa Pono 5 bradez 6. Many of the movies are some of the titles mentioned on this thread. Empower local farmers to feed beverage Industry with raw materials — Food Sovereignty Ghana.

Well if am to arrange this list according to my own view point, I think reggie rockstone, lord kenya, okyeame kwame,obrafuor, tinny, sarkodie, edem, asem, trigmatic, El. Bizarre ice spikes pop up across Britain leaving people baffled. K has ended his play in the game. Okyeame Quame- The rhyme papa.

Top 10 Ghanaian Rappers Of All TimeDo You Agree?

Unseen letter to a friend from Princess Diana revealed her fears over her biography. Both they have subtitles and the actors have this annoying habit of reverting to English and then to twi. My mom brought a whole box of movies from Ghana.

I dont understand Yoruba yet a few subtitles here and there and i am able to catchon the script and the movie. Some ppl on this board are funny paaaa. L-Co-founded the azonto genre with sarkodie. Does it have Jackie or Nadia in it? His pae muka and asem sebe are the best hiplife albums of all time.