Be careful you, idiots! This seems more like a “might-as-well- wrap-things-up” movie, doesn’t it? No no, there’s definitely something there. Particles in my body And of course, you aren’t with us. I just lent my body a bit, isn’t that right, my lovely Benizakura?

It’s best not to overdo it. Well then, let’s get this started! What are you trying to accomplish?! Who are you you guys?! I forsook everything else, and only forged swords! If you say anything else, I’ll take your other arm, too! I was working away and my hand became sweaty, so the hammer slipped!

Heeeeey, what type of movie are you usually watching? Or did you— Oh, you’ve managed to grow yourself some fine arms there, haven’t you? Are you Lupin, or something?

I haven’t changed at all. I’m not a dog of the Bakufu or anything like that. How can I help you? I’m not going anywhere, so go buy me a Jump! Do you still remember this? Who is she working for? Excuse— Yorozuya— Excuse me!

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What happened to Shinpachi and Kagura? Those guys don’t get drenched in any extravagant colors, and they don’t get dyed clothing! You escaped when everyone was expecting you to fight him!


Sorry Gintoki, I came late.

We can’t change our friend, but we’re going to change this country! The Benizakura, if used correctly, has the destructive capabilities of ten battle ships. No no, please don’t worry about it.

Will I be able to convince them without having to kill anyone? There is a black beast inside me even now. She broke into our ship! In laymans terms, please? I guess there are still interesting people in space, after all. Er, no I didn’t. You’ve done some terrible things too, haven’t you?


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You think that that is the mark of a craftsmen? I don’t want to see the blood flow caused by the swords you forged. When you were attacked by Benizakura? I can’t let it end this way If I get to meet more of such gjntama then this might be a very lucky sword for me.

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Try it — you can delete it anytime. Not even for cute girl dogs. Anyway, this is a samurai anime. Who the hell are they? Are they our allies? But ever since then But when I see that he’s bearing with it So that’s Sakata Gintoki and Katsura Kotaro I am a feminist.


And all of the witnesses were too far away to notice anything. When you were captured by the devil magistrate, no matter what happened, Katsura-san never gave up on you! But it’s an unwelcome thought. We have created a browser extension. I’ll destroy it all!

I hope he understands that, someday! Please enjoy until the very last moment!