There gets to be more plot flow and character development as the show progresses. Fri Nov 17, 6: Iron Blooded Orphans is streaming on Daisuki. I remember the days when everyone was pissed at me for off-ing umbrella now dudes be just bodying FL like nobodies business. I heard chaos head is weird but the girl that has a crush on the main male lead in the first episode seems like a decent catch in normal circumstances and the last one has a bunch of annoying chipmunk voice kids but it’s ok. Episode 1’s joke was featured by AduroT here. Thu Mar 02, 4: Fri Dec 02, 3:

The only thing that throws me off a bit is the pacing of the anime. Sat Aug 27, 4: Tue Jan 24, 1: Vaktathi Love me some , it really is a series where the bad guys are really the stars of the show, persevering through skill, determination, ruthlessness and desperation against a foe the good guys who generally outguns and massively outnumber them. Co’tor Shas – click to view full reply. No, they have Tried. Grey Templar Utawarerumono went places Mon Dec 19, 8:

Nobody made data backups, the clause wasn’t discussed in endless committees by thousands of people, nobody else had heard or seen this clause except right before it was lasered onto a monument? Gakuto especially since Spoiler: Anvildude I think a little bit of both. Bloodlust and Akira 25th Anniversary Edition. AduroT I do hope they do another season of Sins.

Anyway to bypass megavideo timer?

Arson III will definitely have some story to it, configuring a better plot. Hoitash – click to view full reply. Your Lie in April takes the exact turn you think it’s going to take. I like the feel, but its sometimes just too Anime. Oh you are in for a treat.


Hyun’s Dojo Easter Egg Hunt 2015!

Sat May 19, 7: Sat Jan 06, 5: Read 15 more comments. I remember you showing us stuff about this a while ago. The Origin, anilnikz omg that opening fight scene is intense.

THE FEELS Tatami Galaxy, the main character decides, rather than having sex with the drunk co-ed, he steals his best friends sex doll, plans to make a life with it, have kids. Soladrin I just googled gundam seed bitch. Anybody manage to compile a master list of them and what they are about?

Haven;t caught it yet, but I’m moderately hyped. Also, we have a new unofficial rule in the club.

Alfndrate Episoee mean Banagher could have been a better MCbut he had a really solid supporting cast. I feel like it could have been cut a bit here and there so more plot could happen, but that’s alright. Fri Dec 02, 3: FacelessMage That looked great. Finished Gundam Unicorn and F91 last night.

And there’s hope for a second season because they only adapted half of the manga’s released material, and Spoiler: Grey Templar That’s a thing? Mon Dec 17, Sat Jan 12, 3: Fri Jun 23, 9: Thu Jan 11, 3: Breadgun how’s this for a character rough.

Series composition is what MAL and other places seem to use for writer. Thu Mar 02, 9: I don’t mind Kirito’s harem, because it’s not so blatant as others and there is the clear acknowledged “winner” and no one tries to usurp her.

She’s the only person in Ainlinkz that he’s even remotely scared of. Fri Jan 19, 3: The only good thing about G Gundam was actually “This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! It was the first time for Kiss to release a collaboration CD with another artist. Thu Jul 06, 7: Crylex this offer won’t stand forever Fri Jan 26, 3: OTOHthey released a teaser for little witch academia 2 today, so we know there is still some people still working on worthwhile projects over there.


Grey Templar Started Ushio and Tora. Anvildude I find that episodde interest comes in moods. A bit disappointed we have to wait till Christmas for the next episode of Hellsing Abridged. Comet Lucifer I get original Eureka Seven vibes from this first episode.

Alfndrate We could probably do something like that for each of the seasons as they air and place it at the top of the firs post, as well as something like “Dakka’s Recommendation List” for shows that aren’t airing but are still. I may entirely have missed it, I just don’t remember that.

Mirajane vs Jenny [Strip Fight] by chuyanime

You have no favorites. Grey Templar Damn, been so long since I watched Berserk I’m gonna have to recap just because there was some progression! Plus I’ve got the four hardsuits that one company made in 25mm but they’re the older series and I’d like to watch it for color coordination purposes.

In this case, Cry and I both needed new desktop backgrounds, so we traded. I mean, it had its moment’s, but the last episode was just incoherent, disconnected, and poorly wrapped up that it just fell apart. Also I decided that I would watch Inuyasha from start to finish. Alfndrate I like the Graze, but it looks out of place when compared to most other “non-gundam” suits.