Vira May 31, at 1: I mean, it was kind of obvious. Lee Jong Goo Supporting Cast. Episode 6 by Helcat. Definitely my fave out of the three new Wed-Thurs dramas. I only recognise the brother, everyone else is new to me!!

They call themselves patriots, but that leads to sneers by the citizens. The circus is anti-imperialist, pro-independence, pro-Gaksital. Gaksital springs off his horse and leaps right into the fray with the officers, seemingly unconcerned that some of them have guns. Yang Keum Suk Supporting Cast. Mok Dan’s mask-changing act brought one of my favorite Chinese films to mind: In it, the judge poses alongside Chief Kimura Taro. Here’s to hoping for the best.

Kang-to lowers the window and offers them sweets, and they ooh over the treats until one boy recognizes him: Seo Woo Main Cast.

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What a great first episode! Joowon’s tranformation from 1n2d show made the nitizens comments that he is really a great actor. He’s just so, geez, uh, endearing? Ive tried looking for somwhere where the subs are fine and not so horrible but nowhere has episode 11 it seems and i would just like to finish the thing and find out what happens!!

Where can i watch Glass Mask Season one (1997 version) with better subs?

She beats down each officer who comes at her, then takes out her dagger and charges Kang-to. In and out, just like that. Related Questions For all the Naruto fans who watch the english, tv, version, can you please watch the japanese subbed: Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. So my question is, can anyone give me a reliable source that for sure has glass mask drama episode 11 with NO sub problems in english???


Damsari is one of a group of men who now sit in High Court in front of a panel of judges.

Episode 6 by Helcat. Kang-to sees his brother falling in his rearview mirror, and forces himself to keep driving. The soldiers stop and salute, giving her the chance to slip by them and to the courtroom. But then, a hand hurls a rock. Episode 12 by LollyPip. I only recognise the brother, everyone else is new to me!! I agree with you on Ghost. Is it any less responsible to try to adapt, to bend and not break? Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page.

Reading the recap, I even forget his cute aegyo in 1n2d.

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Why’d you do that to me??? Moonlight June 1, at But the secrets about their pasts haunt them throughout their lives. And there stands Gaksital, up in the balcony.

Then Kang-to actually orders the people to cry in mourning. I feel the same.

I’ll try to wait until it finishes its run. Hopefully if it can keep the momentum on for 16? Yang Keum Suk Supporting Cast. We move on to a primary episodde, where a gentle-faced teacher leads his students in a song.

This is a good background story for character development. She names the girl Seo Glads and raises her as her own daughter. Episodes by LollyPip. Especially when Chief is Dad.

In it, the judge poses alongside Chief Kimura Taro.


Then, we jump back one month. Couldn’t finish the episode, don’t know why, may be not interested in this era, reminded me of Capital Scandal tho. And so, when Kang-to heads out to his car to go home that evening, he is met with a pistol to the head.

Creepy, but will eventually get used to it. Gpass just frustrates Kang-to, who asks his brother, for the love of god, to just stay home quietly. Even more surprising is the symbol embroidered into their respective kimonos: Sure enough, in comes mas, man wearing that gaksital mask, dressed in white and on horseback the horse has a mask, too!

And as we know, he was the one to catch Damsari. Kang-to also embodies the dilemma of choosing integrity versus pragmatism. As soon as he ends the call, he has a surprise visitor: The characters spell out a warning: Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Nothing turns dramacraz, and Kang-to sits with a heavy sigh. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

Dramacrzay continued its imperialistic expansion in the following years, clashing with other nations to claim Pacific dominance.

Looking forward to following your recaps and joining the fandom here. King of Masks But standing behind him… is Gaksital???