I think a lot of people stuck with the show just because the animation was stunning and the soundtrack was decent. The first is that there is a focus on a group of friends where relationships begin to take shape and over time, gradually alter their dynamics. More topics from this board This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Similarly, Hiro gazes longingly at someone, and the camera changes frames to focus on Sachi. Either Touko needs a psychiatrist… or we should keep shiny things away from her…. Seems like from now on I am going to need to lower my expectations towards PA Works productions a bit I did not like Red Data Girl either, but I also did not hate it like this. Sachi and Kakeru just annoyed, especially with how bland of a character Kakeru was.

That was true, as by the end of the summer things have changed forever–Hiro and Sachi go back to school as a couple, Yuki goes back alone as Yanagi rides the train to her modeling career, and Touko too is alone with her thoughts of Kakeru–the stranger who played a pivotal role in disrupting the comfortable world of childhood and moving them forward into adult relationships. With that in mind, the resulting product did fall short of what people were expecting. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The ending was so subtle that it looks like nothing at all. This really was a slice of life, not in the sense we usually think of–cute girls doing cute things in a meaningless club after school–but in the sense of showing fragments of an important transition between two stages of their lives. They don’t even mind to explain that “Fragments of Future” but they give it more confusion in the ending. The opening sequence and song seemed to support that, and then everything, for the lack of a better phrase, was shot to shit.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: I still don’t know what this show was about https: To illustrate that Kakeru is a new comer, the opening has him shown with his back facing the camera first, before changing to a front shot of him with his backpack to his right.


When the anime failed to make use of this aspect to tell a more complete story about the nature of love, audiences naturally disapproved. The more melancholic aspects suggest that, though this is a happy love, there are also sadder elements as well, hinting at the heartache that accompanies the discovery of a new love, and that for every episods that blossoms, someone may inadvertently, unintentionally get hurt in the process.

It is finally over, at least Haters always gonna hate. Recent Posts Ace Combat 7: David and Touko spend more time together in the finale. As such, it is a valid expectation to imagine that this relationship would be explored further. The only thing that was good about it was the art and some pieces of the OST. Best part of episode xD Anyway I kinda like that theme song played near the end though. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. And why did Yanagi left for school without him near the end?

Commenting Policy Comments are welcome for feedback. I have to say, none of the relationships got me hooked especially Kakeru x Tohko and Yukinari x Yanagi.

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What others are reading. The previous one even though it was confusing I found it okay but this one just bad nothing happened at the end, should’ve dropped this way 3 episodes in. The lyrics speak plainly about what it must feel explainef to be in love. And that Touko just heard the “fragments of future” Kakeru calling her. Heh, I guess it was part of fate after all. Even with the resolution of the explaimed, I have no idea what this series was really aiming for.

Glasslip Episode 13 Discussion

The first is that there is a focus on a group of friends where relationships begin to take shape and over time, gradually alter their dynamics. Welcome to Glasslip, where nothing makes sense and everything is awesome.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Touko and Kakeru spend all their time together in this episode. I’m very happy that this is over now. As for Kakeru, the patch on the lawn where his tent used to stand suggests that he glassip off on tour with his mother although it is implied that he’ll be back to watch the winter fireworks with Touko. You are commenting using your WordPress. Hands down the worst P. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I can tolerate ambiguous endings, but episoee for me there was just too much left hanging to be totally satisfied.


This is not about my own blog, this is about the Anime section of The Artifice. And apparently they started a spin-off manga about Hina a while back? Should check in on that, I guess. This tie is thus expected to be the element that sets in motion the events of the anime.

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BBCode Modified by rsc-pl, Sep 25, 9: That being said I still regret ever picking this up. Is it all supposed to portray some sort of summer dream?

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The way her family left Touko in the care of Kakeru’s also looked pretty much like a symbolic acknowledgement of their relationship “Please take care of our daughter Nothing was resolved till the end. Alyson Burston September 17, at Someone should make a proposal.

My feeling was that Glasslip suffered from budget cuts judging from the many usage of still frames. This series excited me initially, the potential was all there but nope. However, depending on the refractive properties of said glass, light passes through it eposode. Production-wise though, it was fantastic.

I won’t be missing it much. Not watching your anime next season!