How come you know that song? Well, I can’t this morning. Excuse me, Cesleste, this is Dan Mikhalis, the accountant. You’ve attracted another one. The more distractions we have, the better. And when you’re in the skies of Venezuela, over the great Amazon jungle, will think of me?

You’d test the patience of saint. Your second-sight goes right on working, doesn’t it?. The power always goes out when there’s a storm. Edwige Fenech stars in this Italian sex-comedy as the new teacher in all-boys Catholic school. My only thought is to find more ways to please you. You’ll both be in the soup if this happens tomorrow night. I’d give it more bass.

Subtitles Lover Boy

I like the little car. Loredana is a schoolgirl who takes advantage of her fellow students and teachers by using her innocent schoolgirl beauty. I never saw this here before. Who cooked this Venezuelan dish?

Apparently, the blood will tell. Oh, I’m waiting for the same houseboat. It took some effort, because middle-age is fattening.


Grazie… nonna (Lover Boy 1975)

The School Teacher Boys these days are something else, hmmm? Here’s everything we’re currently producing.

What time is it? The way you affect these girls, Carletto Best in the house.

That’s Friar Domenico’s secret, momma. Stop this sniveling like the mother of a year-old. What are the specialties here today? You, Marinella, have a date with me tomorrow in the confessional. Carletto, that means you don’t remember our subittles. Colonel Whitbread urgently wants to speak with you.

But why do you have a dress on? The other day it was a guitar that had to be treated like a girl. I’ll be glad to.

Nonnw not a guitar. Most people want the chowder. The only thing that made up for the suffering was being able to raise your motherless children. Hello, who is this?

Since I massaged your leg muscles, I’ve been under your spell. He married me because I took care of him during the last year of his life.


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Well this ball-buster is all I needed I was married to your father. Only a fool surrenders because things don’t come easily. I hear mysterious door-openers and slammers in the hallways, and having showers every night.

The General is always thoughtful. With pagrita you also want some wine. She can whistle whenever she wants. Romano Scandariato Marino Girolami. You don’t need to have a license.