You will need to provide the following: This article has been cleaned up , and it was a trip to hell and back. Summer Fun by PokeclubTV 3: It’s clearly fake because didn’t even see the release of this fake film, and it doesn’t contain original hand drawn characters or normal voice actors, also plagiarizes and promotes false claims of Fox producing it. At school, he was mercilessly bullied a lot for his gay behavior and was planning to jump off the Ambassador Bridge until he discovered YouTube , Speakonia and Microsoft Paint to make shitty GP videos. The reason you wish to remove it.

I’ll start getting use to my new software and I’ll try uploading more videos with this. Only Youtubemultiplier and Youtube links will be active. After 2 months of no upload, I need your help. Gree City also has the only good Mario recolors in existence. No Yes A pre-loading function will be automatically applied. The show exists, but as a series of amateurish YouTube videos.

The second hoax page is Go! So have fun and enjoy life: Size of videos is dynamically based on the actual size of your browser. So for example one account was created to write the comment it seems while others have existed longer and been active commenting on cartoons suggesting they seek them out.

Greeny Phatom

Beanson And The Toy”. You will need phqtom provide the following: Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Log in. A show that has been planned to be about the earth in general until the creator jerked off to yaoi hentai and decided to make it into a show about a mentally retarded ant named Geo Guy doing mentally retarded things just like in Greeny Phatom. The characters in Greeny Phatom are a pgatom of mentally retarded ants who go on shitty nonsensical adventures destroying every little Americunt in the world.

Here is the page http: The title, exactly as it is spelled on IMDb. The most underrated show to ever come into existence as well as the only good knockoff. Our website requires JavaScript to work.

He was even pgatom from Cedar Point and Canadia’s Wonderland for apparently fucking people in the bathrooms and running around naked. Please activate JavaScript visit this website to help you and reload the page. Powered by Get Satisfaction. Giving an appropriate title to your set will help internet users to find it.


Please copy these numbers required: Greeny Phatom is notorious for copying content from other shows and media, such as Blue’s CluesShitblox and even Bananas in Pajamas. Check for low quality. Roger Ebert also criticized the ” Greeny Phatom” street name.

We better not ask This article has been cleaned upand it was a trip to hell treeny back. Please, don’t fuck it up. Click the link below and geeny the comments, write down your video ideas.

movoe They try too hard to be cool by hating on stuff that are old news, Greeny Fags won’t allow mofie hate on Greeny Phatom and they will do the following things to you if you hate on Greeny Phatom. Leave a comment 4 characters max. So when I look at the user comments for this, there are 4 in place. Only Youtubemultiplier and Youtube links will be active.

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Greeny Phatom The Movie 3 Soundtrack The Core – video dailymotion

Based on the user comments and watching part of one of the videos on YouTube, I think I’ve figured out the situation with “Greeny Phatom”. In February 15, the retarded creator of Greeny Phatom decided to cancel his show because of Dragon Ball Z fans making fun of Jesse Geiser and he told people to stop watching Dragon Ball Z and throw away all Dragon Ball Z merchandise away and told them continue making Greeny Phatom episodes, which he should’ve actually told them to make more Gree City episodes.

This couldn’t have aired on a major network like Cartoon Network, as there are no DVD’s of it and text to speech voices didn’t become popular until the year The creator of Greeny Phatom having an orgy with all of his butt buddies. The Greeny Phatom wikis are slowly recovering as of right now.


The 1st Chapter is “Dr. In addition, some of the data submitted to IMDb was fake, such as references to the show’s alleged broadcast history on Cartoon Network, and the dates the show allegedly aired.

I’ll start getting use to my new software and I’ll try uploading more videos with this. The whole crew is back once again! TV and Movies Dying Alone. He frequently jerks off to baby shows, like Barney and Friendsand has a diaper fetish just like Onideus Mad Hatter. Stop hating on Tje City, how dare you hate on Gree City, you Greeny Fags are Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded for years go to your room right now and get fucked by greey 70 year old movje hairy fat male pedophile.

Daniel Hook 1 Post 0 Reply Likes. Daniel, I have no knowledge of these shows, but let me say one thing to warn caution and suggest thorough checking.

Unfortunately, a movie actually exists and we’ve seen it. After 2 months grefny no upload, I phattom your help. In fact, recent studies have shown that children who have watched Greeny Phatom can no longer be able to function normally in the real world, no matter how hard you can get your children out of this Greeny Phatom state as they are often diagnosed with the “GreenyFag Virus” which is an incurable disease which infected thousands of millions watching it.

Visit the Media Portal for complete coverage. Another shitty Greeny Phatom rip-off that nobody except for retarded Greeny Fags gives a fuck about. There exists several databases based off the retarded autistic cancer known as Greeny Phatom and their wikis are just as autistic and cancerous as rgeeny show itself. The reason you wish to remove it.

Enjoy this random video I made. Retrieved from ” https: