It’s impossible to kill a person you love, even if that person is the worst ever. What I don’t understand is his hair! I noticed it and wondered about the actor’s skills Based on initial synopsis, Wol Ryung was supposed to side with Jo Kwan Woong and having amnesia, which we find Nope, not at all in this episode. Obviously, it’ll be Kang-chi who gets the girl. You have more faith in the average fangirl than I do. I was having all sorts of feels and laughing out loud the next minute.

I just want to see her grow, move on and be the awesome woman that she could be. But Master Dam, or the actor who plays him, has no expression whatsoever. It’s not about being “oh-so-politically correct”, it’s maintaining some logic and understanding the drama’s theme. Episode 1 show us her tatoo making process, and episode 2 presented us with her ‘new claw scar’, so I think she was supposed to come back. She was not supposed to return in the original synopsis. The thing he says:

Gon is totally awesome. Gu Family Book Favorite. Bojana May 24, at 8: Either way, i think this was the best episode of the series so far. I like GW though. More offscreen squelching noises!

It’s just that women are not allowed to enter the gisaengs’ house, unless they are gisaengs themselves It’s interesting how the writer gives us two great female leads. I am not very computer savvy hence some of my naive and innocent questions about technical stuffhowever I liked when he was in the forest I don’t remember if it was in ep.


She turns away first, but when kutudarma drunken man starts to harass her, Kang-chi steps in, leaving Yeo-wool behind. I also think that is what the writer will do.

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You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. It’s easy to say but in practice it’s very difficult to do it.

If he could kill her easily that would mean there have never been love. Fa,ily especially loved the fight sequence between Wol Ryung and Kang Chi.

The epiisode time his claws came out was when he was fighting grave injustice. When people love they also sacrifice themselves. Remember that he’s also some divine creature, a god of the mountains and has lived for yrs.

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She’s been circling him and drawing him in by pretending to be a foreign threat, who could serve his ambitions. Gon follows Yeo-wool to her room, and finds her huddled by her new hanbok.

I hope they don’t screw it up. This is unconfirmed spoiler Now I just curious kutusrama these things will go unfolding.

It just seems to me that she does care, but she doesn’t care enough. I would feel so bad if his dad beats him to a pulp, though I would understand how that could happen.

That post the tryp translated said she and daddy were always going to return and to expect no parent romance either. I am not sure what “hwa” would mean in Korean. Gidget May 22, at 3: Even though he doesn’t really show it, I feel that it hurts him to see all the things Kang Chi can do and that he has someone who supports him no matter what or who he is.


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Without you, I have no meaning. See, even the blue lights are happy when you kiss her. Now, give me more Gumiho Baby’s kisses! KC mentioned that he is curious about his parents, yet we know that he feels really hurt by the belief he has that they threw him away.

The kis is heaven, it is so sweet xD Btw do you know the name of the song when they kiss? I had hoped to post it yesterday, however the day got away from me: If it is just to talk she could have talked privately without going into the building. As despicable as JGW is, you might want to consider watching his scenes, because you might be missing some important info that would help you understand the drama better.