Wat de film tevens ontzettend helpt is dat het, ondanks het dramagedeelte, een lekker zomers ‘feelgood’ sfeertje uitstraalt en dat ik dat Southport graag zelf eens zou bezoeken. When I looked around the theater though, every single person was crying and I saw a lot of red eyes as I left the Men’s restroom. Pretty Woman Garry Marshall , Shortly afterward I hear sniffles all around. Na lang aarzelen tussen 3 en 3. How clever are dogs?

Normaal gesproken ben ik niet van dit soort films maar ik vond dit toch een hele sterke film vanuit alle opzichten! De locatie was mooi, ook erg rustgevend om naar te kijken. They were so heart wrenched in watching it the first time around. Anderen mogen mijn e-mailadres zien. En Safe Haven hoort helaas ook bij die laatste categorie. In the end everyone including myself was crying because we were so moved. Ik was overigens niet helemaal verrast door deze uitkomst, heb hier op een gegeven moment al wel deels aan gedacht.

Bleef alleen geheimzinnige samenvatting Jo over, de vrouw die door ramen tuurt, gezellig wil kletsen en van wandelingen houdt. Hoe had ik het kunnen missen?

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Highly recommended for all families and people of all ages. So he went to look for his master at the train station where he had accompanied him so many times before.

I am quite sure that Hachiko, being clever enough to wait at the station at the same time everyday for 9 years, would be able to figure out that Ueno was dead. From the second the Akita pup came on screen and the bond was so clearly apparent, i was in tears, not once during this film can i honestly say my eyes were dry.

And even lesser words which could actually help you convey what you want to say. Voor een betere MUBI ervaring, update jouw browser.

Richard Gere Cast en Producer. Second half of the movie, samennvatting owner dies, I get a big sore ssmenvatting in my throat that won’t go away. In retelling the story of common bonding between the dog and its owner, so usual that it comes so natural, film is moving at slow pace, following events of an ordinary life, though not without occasional comedic and dramatic overtones. Hierdoor is de film uiteindelijk wel wat aan de te lange kant, maar het voordeel is dat de geloofwaardigheid niet teniet gedaan wordt.


Thanks for reading and do take care whoever you are. This movie,teaches us first of all about love,there is no power bigger than love,nothing compares to this strong feeling. I read a couple of reviews talk about crying during the movie and thought it odd. Pretty Woman Garry Marshall But if you believe that the impact a movie has on you is important – you cannot afford to miss fim movie.

Slow moving but not boring.

But I do understand why it wasn’t done. I deliberately didn’t read the blurb on the DVD case because I wanted to “discover” the story for myself. It’s really powerful and touching. This showed that Hachiko loved his original owners Ueno and his wife and kids too much to let go of his master Ueno or his memory of him and wanted to return to his remaining living owners. I’m really objective when it comes about movies,and honestly no one till now,have cut me as deep.

I can only warn you to have plenty of tissues on hand because if you are a human being with functioning emotions you are going to cry Kudos to Richard Gere for a nice performance. Lekkere wegkijker, hoewel wat voorspelbaar soms. You wouldn’t wait 2 or 3 hourslet alone a day for he or she. Toch lijkt er niet iets te kloppen in het script.

Al die vergezochte onzin heeft zo’n film niet nodig. Tears begin to stream down my cheeks.

I still keep thinking about the story and every time when I think about it, I felt sad and so sorry for both the Prof and the dog, I am sure this is a film I won’t forget The closest word which comes to my mind in this case is ‘stupendous’. Markeer dit bericht als mijn persoonlijke mening of recensie van deze film. Na lang aarzelen tussen 3 en 3.

Leuk om eens een keertje gezien te hebben, maar aan de andere kant ga je ook niet echt iets missen als je hem niet kijkt. August 20, It breaks all barriers. The love so simple, so pure and the loyalty so sxmenvatting, so steadfast that it would melt any steel heart. Ik snap dat overigens ergens wel, denk dat dat vooral door het tweede plot komt.


Hachi: A Dog’s Tale | Film | The Guardian

I will try and not spoil the film for you. Whatever, the story is still very good, very memorable and very touching in spots near the end. Davor-Blazevic 4 January I saw this movie a week ago and I still can’t get it out of my mind. Mans best friend has never been a man.

Or Google Hachiko’s real life story for more information. A weepy, wonderful film about the bond that develops between one man and a dog after a chance meeting at a train station. It is a must-see. This is not just a kids’ movie. March 14, One of the things that sets this movie apart from the other movies that involve animals is how they samenvattiny to reality instead of throwing in some a-little-hard-to-believe elements here and there just to make it more entertaining.

Uiteindelijk is het wel afgelopen zoals ik had verwacht, maar ook waar ik op hoopte. Pas rond de zeventigste minuut. You hear so many times that there is ‘God’ in all of us if we can realize it – saemnvatting the end of this movie you will know why it’s true. Verder een degelijke film.

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Ik vond hem ook tegenvallen hoor, maar dat was vanwege alle bagage die ze aan boord slepen.