Jung Suk Won Main Cast. Please enter your username or email address. Maybe student and teacher at the same HS Well then… can Tae Sung be that groom? I am surprised that Nam Gyu Ri is not playing the lead. But this little spat is interrupted when all the neighbors come running to their boat with Joong Shik in tow. Soon after, still cuts were revealed of Jo Yeo Jeong now wearing an octopus-shaped hat on her head. Take a Kiwi Vitamin for charging my energy..

By sugarplum Started March 3, The uncles practice with Joong Shik over how to walk his daughter down the aisle, while Tae Sung complains over his waiter outfit. They tell him to hurry up so that they can go and take care of wedding business, but Tae Sung bitterly looks at them lounging in their chairs, drinking iced coffee. Hwang Joo Hee is a character who acknowledges her beauty and represents a modern woman who invests more than half of her income in taking care of her appearance. But Tae Sung tells him to call down the head of the plastic surgery department to do the stitches. Hope they do an OST track together.

Sora is taken into a room, and she ends up in the same one as Se Na is in.

And if he was scheming enough to pretend to be a harmless mentally-ill person in order to conduct some sort of complex revenge job, he would have been sharp enough to pick up on MinGu being a swindler. Jung Suk Won Main Cast.

The Busan dialect and amusing dialogue had the actors unable to contain their laughter. Joo Hee just brought Se Na for a spa trip. Omigod are you kidding me!? However, they are all stopped by some unwelcome visitors: I can’t wait to see how KKW would portray back to the real TS with all the memories during the amnesia in tactI’m pretty sure lovets would be quite hilarious haha. Joon Hyuk is delish in any scene, but connection and purpose in same?


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Monday – Tuesday I feel like the episodes are slowly getting slower, though. I notice that in a lot of rom-coms, the funny sort of diminishes at this point of the storytelling.

Min Gu is outraged — a hot man in a home with two single women?!

I dunno, and ya’ll may not agree with me, but the dull moments in this episode far outweigh the few good aspects, its starting to bore me. Tae Sung is ready to yell at her, but his voice is caught in his throat: Koreans who had watched the show login and start subbing.

Kim Kang Woo Main Cast. I can’t believe how much I love this show.

Updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama “Haeundae Lovers”

Thank you for recapping! Subtitls don’t enlgish it was ever detailed as to how he got that way. I love TS’ chemistry with Sora and yet my love for second leads wants JH to swing and sweep her off her feet hero-style! Choi Sang Hoon Supporting Cast. Posted July 20, I know JYJ is regarded for a babyface, but that’s a little bit too much to believe. The thunder and lightning scares Joong Shik so much that he starts running outside and turning off the lights so that none of them will catch fire.


Kim Young Ok Supporting Cast.

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Kang Min Kyung Main Cast. Your email address will not be published. Episodes by LollyPip. Posted June 30, But this little spat is interrupted when all the neighbors come running to their boat with Usbtitles Shik in tow. Doctor goes back to the nurse — and asks her to call up the head of the plastic surgery department!

What would he do?

Haeundae Lovers

InSu August 29, at They were just trying to make him stay with them longer by injuring his face, thus making him unrecognizable, and so no one would be able to find him! I’m pretty sure the “kid act” just an act Yeah the subtitles are killing english viewer. Hope they do an OST track together. Kim Ah Joong vs.

Your work can become your life in unexpected rpisode. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Tae Sung is also delish in any scene, but how will the 2 wife scenario work out?