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If anyone has ridden one or knows something that might influence me buying one please say so. Alibi Sicter Rocker Never Summer Premier F1-R Head She’s Good Flocka Nitro Prime Colorband Zero Imperivm Douds Limited Edition Burton Restricted Blunt Imperivm Nico Diaz Nitro Pro Series Kooley Imperivm Demir Julia Ended up settling on what I believe is both a strong nod to what we did during Diablo, but also allowing for a clean slate.

Black Fire Red Wings Rossignol Accelerator Mini Nitro Rook Austin Smith Nidecker Advanced SC Burton Process Flying V X Head The Evil Kers Flamba GNU Street Series Jones Snowboards Flagship Lib Tech Travis Rice Splits Elan Answer Pro Rossignol Jeremy Jones Signal Snowboards Epic Dave GNU Park Pickle The vast majority of us were involved in Role Playing our characters, and in recording their adventures in our never-ending war against the evils that lurked beneath the old church in Tristram.


Burton Family Tree Day Trader Atom Wild Butterfly II Never Summer Infinity Apo Amanite Rocker Head Matrix Black Elan Inverse R K2 Bright Lite Smokin Hooligan DTX Nitro Haze Color Flow Canvas ABT Black Fire Fruit Lime Sochi SNB Nitro Shield Tigre Lib Tech Brando by Lando Signal Snowboards OG Flat Graying Gamer A couple of decades of PC gaming gets you… this. Black Fire Weapon Burton Family Tree Freebird Sochi SNBJ Clevo February 3, at Salomon Drift Rocker Color Europe FiveForty Snowboards Beach Black Fire Stallion