Quinza is found and taken to the hospital. Kajika successfully escapes from the Huang’s country house. Prince Rumaty is blamed for the King’s death, despite his presence in another country during the event and he is banned from returning Raginei under the threat of death. Assassins once again came for Mahaty and both he and Kathleen flee through the fire escape while Mahaty’s attendant holds the assassin back. Later, Rumaty apologizes and both of them go to Singapore where the prince gives an interview in which he states that he’ll return to Raginei even if just one of his people call for him. At the end Quinza meets Noei who was captured and now kept imprisoned. Chiaki Kon Hajime Kamegaki

He later finds himself in the slums where he meets Kathleen or Katherine. He promises her that he’ll return soon. Only You Urusei Yatsura 2: At that time, Rumaty was being hidden in the Burnsworth residence, but he escapes. Carl admits to Lee-leng that when he thinks of Kajika he can imagine there being no quarrel between Rosenthal and Burnsworth. Eugene attends King Somand’s tea party and meets Najayra there, who offers to grant him an audience with King Somand. Later on, Kajika and Lee-leng are portrayed to be living blissfully in each other’s embrace in Gibori.

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Things have changed in the last year, there is an uprising in the North of Raginei and while Noei is rallying forces to fight he doesn’t believe that having no monarchy is in the best interest for the country. While Rumaty ponders this he comes to choose what he will do about it. Quinza heads to Prince Somand’s room, telling him to listen to a gentle person who is coming to protect him, Quinza badly hurt eventually waits for Prince Rumaty to come. Princess Najayra finds Quinza who came back to the palace, he told her to be happy, she realizes that he never loved her and that she could not kill him.


The sisters shriek and leave, telling Kajika that she would regret it.


Poltergeist Report Ninku: On the other hand, danger is approaching Kajika and Eugene, who episodee waiting for Lee-leng’s arrival. Lee-leng tells Zao that he won’t be able to esishounen anything now that Lee-leng has allowed Fi to be the Head of the Huangs. One day, she meets Eugene Du Vorkan, whom Kajika believes is the reincarnation of her beloved white leopard Mustafa. Sensing something amiss, Rumati took hold of Kajika and both try to escape the assassins.

At that time, Rumaty was being hidden in the Burnsworth residence, e;isode he escapes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Oddly, Rumaty feels as if he was told by his father. Hanasakeru seishounen episode 13? Yui meets Rumaty and automatically thinks of him as having the appearance of a prince. Beautiful Dreamer Kimagure Orange Road: Fourteen-year-old Veih Burnsworth, daughter of powerful industrialist Harry Burnsworth, has spent the first part of her veob living on an island in the Caribbean with a snow leopard named Mustafa. Haga cannot find her and everyone starts to look for her.

Moreover, Najayra is revealed to be Quinza’s beloved. The elders of the Huang group visit in order to inform Lee-leng that a bride has been chosen for him, his cousin Ling-lee. Lee-leng expresses his gratitude and appreciation towards Zao for helping and caring for him previously although at the same time mentioned that Zao was somehow led astray in the midst of things. Kajika tells Lee-leng that she wants to go to Raginei but he becomes worried about Kajika and refuses. Afterward, Eugene asks Yui if he could see her house too.


After Kajika told Lee-leng how much she wanted to see him because she seishpunen that she’s going to die, they share a romantic kiss together. Lee-leng in response tells her that he can never choose any other woman except her. Eugene’s personal helicopter then flew just outside Lee-leng ‘s balcony and Kajika opened the copter’s door.

Hanazakeru abuso Creo que este comentario infringe las Normas de la comunidad. Rumaty is initially cautious of Harry since he does not know him but is intrigued by his words. Although she seems welcoming on the outside, deep down, Najayra has her own agenda.

Lee-leng used to be a lonely person but whenever Kajika shows up he would be happy from the bottom of his heart. Kajika explains to both Lee-leng and Toranosuke that she believes she must go. Hanasaleru is attacked by assassins in his hotel room and fled by hiding in a laundry cart.

Najayra invites Kajika to her mansion. Mahaty gets drunk on champagne and ends up sleeping in Kathleen’s apartment. Also, by the time Prince Rumaty reaches Raginei, Kajika’s destiny is revealed to seishounej and the “marriage game” is thus over.