I have recently become one due to WGM. Thanks so much for the recap! Do you believe in love…. It wouldn’t surprise me if in a couple of weeks or months we will see some interesting fusions in kpop songs or music shows ;D I fell totally in love with “Habanera” mix. I saw some site said this drama is not recape worthy TT. This is my all-time favorite drama. It’s fun and silly to watch but at a certain point I realize what I’m watching. YongHwa has improved so much in acting compared to his YAB days, I hope he will keep improving and that we will be able to see it as the story develops.

He promotes a very positive image of what a relationship partner can be like, that he can be supportive, loving, loyal, and totally into you. Only then will Shin be able to learn some more depth about traditional music. Thank you for the recap! They smile fondly at finally remembering each other, and when Kyu-won sees the pictures, she says that he pursued her first. Even if Kyu-won comes back to the performance, does her mother have so little faith in her? For me, the last half majorly hooked me in. It gets even better and cheesier!

There’s a reason all most asian dramas constantly portray naivety Well Shin Hye is like that with all her male co-stars anyway.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dude — for this crime, you should be kissing her on the lips! Exactly, and that’s the unfortunate thing, because if only they had started on this path instead of having it happen halfway through I like the sound of “gukak”.

Give someone else the chance to shine.

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I surely shivered when I got one. She and the Windflowers practice together, choosing a gukak rendition of the Habanera song from Carmen — ddramacrazy is also the tune that The Stupids base their rock version on.

Shin goes with Kyu-won back home to help explain it to Grandpa. But no matter, since Seok-hyun knows enough details to call a friend and find out which hospital that is. Hope it translates to the screen. Why are people bothering to listen to him?! Yeah, I want to be your unni: Thanks for the recap JB! Kyu-won can just leave now.

Bo-woon will be there any minute. Looking forward to more! I love it when good supporting cast makes a drama even better and Soo-Myung proves it. I don’t if that sweetness dramacraazy from the script or his interpretation from the script after his “we got married” episodes.

But lovely Minhyuk really surprised me! Thanks for the recap. It’s the Seoul Institute of Arts’ th year celebration, for goodness’ sake, but Taejoon, the evil mother, and the other dranacrazy members see this as a stepping stone to their own selfish ambitions or goals. Grandpa’s insisting that Shin looks like he did when he was younger is driving me crazy!

I’m so jealous with Lee Shin’s dongsaeng!!


It was like, a given since ep 3 or 4. As for the ratings, weren’t the ratings for You’re Beautiful so-so when it originally aired in Korea, but caught fire internationally?

Shin takes out the music sheets for the final song, trying to prove that Kyu-won has actually been really productive and really good in helping him.

I think this drama has potential and I’m cautiously optimistic. I also happen to like Park Shin-hye much better doing dramatic stuff, although she can be pretty funny as well.

I hope heatstring are allowed to post links here, if not please delete this and sorry. The identical thing happened to Playful Kiss and we can all see how that production exploded overseas, and is still currently 1 in many countries – and I’m sure they all laughed their way epislde the bank.


I mean, he IS hot. She makes him promise not to exact revenge on her again! It also keeps me from being able to take them seriously.

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I’m a sucker for good music like that. He’s her type, I heartsfring noticed my sister had a type till now. Episodes by LollyPip. Let me, the big strong man, tell you what to do. August 12, at 9: But then again, Shin and Gyu-won are just too cute for words. They all run in various directions, but one of the boys gets caught by Sa-rang and her crew. This is probably because they made Shin boring as hell. In my opinion,the best boyfriend ever is the one in “NOONA”i’M just watching this drama, but he’s so cute, nice, sensitive and sensible, opposite to what i like, but so mature and perfect that you JUST love him I hope the story still flows smoothly.

Thoughtful answer as expected, thanks for your time. Shin should dramaceazy the one with gayageum and Kyu-won should have the guitar!!!

It feels sad that this drama drmaacrazy up being one episode short. Download the latest version here. Not knowing all eepisode is Tae-joon and the rest of the performance team.