Please, we need some younger strike here. Episodes by LollyPip. Startled, Yoon-su tries to shrug it off, even though his words bring tears to her eyes. He asks her to give their relationship another shot: I can’t stop fretting over what is going to happen to In Young in I Need Romance – seems like she could go in a number of directions, each of them with their own difficulties. Lis July 15, at

Shin Jung Yong-Hwa is a cold and refined young man, while being a highly skilled guitarist. I need to focus on the good parts so I keep watcing it! Can I ask do you think Lee shin’s sister is also Kyu won sister???????? That gets her yelling, too, and she tells him to leave her alone. If ep 6 doesn’t get me to believe more in their possibility as an OTP I can root for amidst the upcoming youth-melodrama-angst, I’m gonna get out of this before everything crumbles. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I cant wait for the boys to fight over Kyu-Won instead of Ice Princess already! She doesn’t push him away?

Kay July 14, at I goovdrama watching this one last night. Eventho this drama has low rating and seem many controversy revolve around it. How can someone know his soul mate? While it is fun to kid around that YH has trouble emoting, being interesting to watch, playing a tormented rocker heartbreaker, it isn’t interesting to watch YH try to play a tormented rocker heartbreaker.


And more of Ki-young please!!! I want to see some jealousy over Kyu-Won!

None of the guys seem very interested in her, and she isn’t doing anything interesting either. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Your email address will not heartstrins published. The next morning, she finds the cup still there, both annoyed and gooddramma, and picks it up to throw away. I am loving City Hunter but this is good too, in a different way. I love Yong Hwa, but boy, is it painful watching him “act”. Seok-hyun and Kyu-won witness the streetside kiss between Shin and his professor as they drive by, both of them disheartened by it.

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You are right, YY. PSH is like a looker-on now, always standing at the side. If that means Shin gets replaced by KY, I am all for it! Is there a known cure?

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After rehearsal, Shin approaches Seok-hyun and asks — amidst glare-off — for him to indicate exactly what is lacking in his guitar playing. That gets her yelling, too, and she tells him to leave her alone. Yonghwa’s acting heartstrigs geeeting better. This is my last bitchy post about the show. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Why am i forever plagued with second lead syndrome? The dance professor is fine, but I wish they start to focus more on Shinhye. Everytime i see him onscreen, my heart beats faster Its hard not to care though.


The reason I am liking I Need Romance so much is because I can not tell who the lead girl will end up with or even end up with anyone at all. He walks right by her, ignoring her attempt to say something. I have no idea hearrtstrings this drama isn’t received better in Korea; they’re already considering changing its direction when I like it the way it is. Thanks for the recap. YJ July 13, at 9: This is his chance to rise above heartsteings jealousy, be the bigger man, and — no?

Maybe they’ll just be friends. If they do, I hope they speed up the love line between Shinhye and Yonghwa: Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Maybe for all these reasons — and a much-appreciated lack of parental angst — I thought this episode gooddeama a nice step forward. She is in the Korean traditional music department.

Please, we need heartstrins younger strike here. I just love shin-kyuwon fighting-make up scenes and i’ll be patiently waiting for their progression in the middle of their chaotic and interrupted pathway.