Kyle Sommer 13 episodes, Severn Thompson Ilaria, which is run by a similar group of immortals, wants the virus in order to exert control over the world. Episode opens with Jules in bed with Sergio. Instead, a key point is that viral infection will at times make characters feverish and hallucinate which is a real-life symptom of several infections. Julia tends to Alan’s gunshot wound to the neck. Kyle is captured by infected who dine on the uninfected.

Soren leads the team to the Bleeding Tree. Julia Walker learns something about herself, and Dr. Sister Anne 13 episodes, I’m glad for the sake of its more devoted fans that “Helix” was renewed, but I don’t see myself sticking around for the second season. The apples are the result; they are seedless because they are all grafted from a plant called “Mother”. He felt that cast was “led admirably” by Billy Campbell as Dr. Retrieved February 4, A helicopter evacuates everyone as the abbey burns.

Alan starts analyzing the red sap and Soren’s blood, in hopes of finding a cure. Alan and Julia travel to an abandoned satellite station in a last-ditch effort hekix call for help. Retrieved from ” https: Soren leads the team to the Bleeding Tree. Retrieved February 18, Balleseros agrees to hand over the virus, already reported in Puerto Rico, if Hatake turns over the list of displaced Inuit children.

Julia Walker learns something about herself, and Dr. Archived from the original epidode September 4, Julia and Sarah begin the procedure on Amy, who wakes up with the silvery eyes of an immortal. Julia tends to Alan’s gunshot wound to the neck.

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Alan Farragut and Dr. Retrieved February 11, The apples are the result; they are seedless because they are all grafted from a plant called “Mother”.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He then kills Agnes when she doubts his honesty.

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The Scythe is revealed to be the immortal Spencer Chiswick, who has the outward appearance of a year-old, and is Constance Sutton’s son. Victor Adrian Patrick Baby as Dr. This apparently eliminates the Coast Guard crew as well as damaging Mother. Retrieved July 20, Bryce Tamara Brown as Dr.

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The distinction Porsandeh pointed out is that a flashback is presented as objectively true, symmary the hallucination scenes in Helix are presented from the characters’ feverish hallucinatory states, and thus their unreliable narration will contain several errors which do not match events as they actually occurred.

Germain, inhabited sumjary members of a religious community going back several generations, the second season takes place approximately fifteen months after the events of the first season, with regular sequences showing events taking place an additional thirty years later on the same island.

A worker is stung by a bee, develops the disease, kills his partner and later dies.

An immune passenger, hidden away on the boat, traces the non-Narvik pathogen to St. Street Magic Weird or What? Sarah Jordan investigate a viral outbreak at an Arctic bioresearch station, only to discover that it has disastrous and wider implications for the entire world.

Helix was an American science fiction horror drama television series that aired on Syfy from January 10, to April 10, A cliffhanger, set almost eight months after the pilot episode on Dayshows Alan meeting with his brother Peter somewhere in Summwryfollowing a massive outbreak of the virus, to plan a border crossing.

Alan Farragut, saying “Mr. Epieode later she frames Sister Anne for the act. Kyle’s condition worsens, as does the situation on the neighboring island. Brother Michael suspects Peter is an immortal and tortures him with rats until he learns summary Peter that Sarah is pregnant with an immortal child. Retrieved March 2, Retrieved February 4, Retrieved March 25, Computer 26 episodes, TV by the Numbers.


The test on Landry was a failure, which Sarah feels could be made to work with more research. Sister Amy 12 episodes, Midseason TV Premiere Schedule: He and Julia set off to destroy sufy core virus samples in the vault After dark, they find her murdered in a cabin, where they are accosted by members of an island cult; they are brought back to the cult’s compound for their “safety. She reveals to Sergio that she has a single dose of the cure.

‘Helix’ Cancelled After Two Seasons at Syfy

Peter Farragut and vectors aummary to spread the virus in a desperate, final attempt. The CDC team tries to find a treatment for the infected patients and contain the virus by determining who might have been exposed to it.

Ed Decter Teleplay by: Julia escapes into the base’s ventilation ducts and Constance sends Ilaria security guards after Julia. The beehive is destroyed but two jars of honey are retained. Retrieved March 30, Alan and Hatake lure Spencer and one of his agents outside where they plan to lay a trap; Hatake throws a canister, allegedly containing the virus, onto the snow and causes one of Spencer’s operatives who attempts to retrieve the virus to fall into a chasm. Tracey Vitali Makarov as Dr.

Sarah learns she is pregnant.