But before leaving, Akagi claims that eventually Saburo Hatte will think on a way to bring them back if needed. Akagi begins to worry, as Takuma’s departure has signaled the end of the mid-season change and he is unsure of what will happen next. Feeling guilty about Choco-Tan, Akagi reveals he has a thing for smooth and shiny robot girls ever since watching Colon in episode 13 of Choujuu Sentai Liveman. Reflecting on these revelations, the trio take a walk around Akihabara when they encounter a motorcyclist who saves a puppy in the middle of the street. At first, she was happy that her father made the units in appreciation of her success, only to realize that they are the catalysts for his twisted goal to bring his delusions into reality. After the Akibrangers’ introduction posing, the villain introduces herself as Malseena before sicking her Shatieeks on them.

However, citing that their MMZ units are locked away regardless of Akagi insisting they be there, Malseena is shocked by the turn of events as the long-haired vagrant decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, at Stema Otsu Corporation’s secret base, Doctor Z orders Malseena to lay off all of the plus Chief Clerks, as he has no use for them, much to her dismay. The Akibarangers turn the tables on Shimokitazawa and Malseena by becoming the film crew and luring the evil duo into an elementary school stage filled with unruly children. However, the Akibarangers are annoyed when Hiroyo reveals that she has no enemies for them but is sure one will surface. At around the same time, Hiroyo left college and landed a voice role under the pseudonym “Shuri Toyozuki” an amalgamation of her real name, Hiroyo Tsuzuki. Once the battle ends, Mitsuki says her good bye to the others and leaves for America with Yumeria also leaving to handle something important with the Sentai group officially disbanded. She also reveals that by reaching Saburo Hatte’s dimension, she managed to inspire him to create a second season for the series, but she got angry upon losing her position as the main villain once again with the advent of General Tsuu, and after disposing of him, she used the knowledge she obtained to assume control of all the Super Sentai villains and defeat the official heroes.

Meanwhile, Yumeria walks around town to find more ideas when she spots two men buying tickets to an idol show from a scalper, who reveals himself as the Chief Clerk Shimokitazawa Hoya. Upon being offered a chance to become her eternal enemies and fight her indefinitely just like she promised them in the end of the first season, the Akibarangers refuse and Delu Knight fights them instead. Akiibaranger much deliberation, everyone at Himitsukichi concludes that the mastermind behind the manipulation of their reality is Saburo Hattethe pen name synonymous with every Super Sentai series.


While escaping from the police, General Tsuu ends up meeting epispdes Akibarangers and learns their secret when confronted by Hadezukin, realizing he can use his Moya Moya Z-Cune to enter the Delusional World.

When Malseena fires at them, they change into the Akibarangers to engage her in battle. He calls Sayaka to bid her farewell, but she tells him that her grandfather has invited her to work at his company in Virginiamaking Akagi more excited hikknin travel to the U.

Soon after, with her and a group of Oneeders posing as a group of monks, Malseena appears and hands out pictures of Sentai villain actresses during dress rehearsals.

Z in a take over of the Delusion Empire. However, the otaku fight eventually gets literally real when their “otaku enemies” begin to materialize in the real world.

List of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger episodes

Akiba Blue asks Hiroyo to shut down the delusion to get her comrades sobered up, but with Hiroyo herself drunk, decides to attack Malseena by herself while saying various lines from GoGo Sentai Boukenger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Back at Himitsukichi, Akagi gets a phone call from Sayaka, who thanks him for saving her from Asakusa Alpaca. Meanwhile, the mysterious patient is watching an episode akibarangr Boukenger.

In an act of desperation, Itashar Robo punches through the wall upon contact with the MMZ units, causing it to enter the real world. On July 6, Animate. In an attempt to stop the fight, Akiba Red destroys Itashar Robo with its own missiles. Meanwhile, Malseena and a Shatieek are seen walking by a park when Epjsodes accidentally collides with them.

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This causing several issues in the sentxi world such as the reduced number of Sentai episodes and the first two additional days having Otaku activity and merchandise is banned. Akagi begins to worry, as Takuma’s departure has signaled the end of the mid-season change and he is unsure of what will happen next.

Wkibaranger the Akibarangers are brought back to reality as they hkonin to execute the Moe Magnum attack, Asakusa manages to completely shatter the barrier separating the real world from the Delusion World. Impersonating Hiroyo’s voice in the communicator, Malseena sets up a trap by encouraging the Akibarangers to increase their Delusion Power to catch up with Yoyogi.

With the Akibarangers having a hard time defending themselves against Kiba Ranger, Malseena appears before them, much to their surprise, claiming that following her defeat, she was brought back to life by the “New Dimensional Intellect Remodeling Underground True Empire Baros lol” after her akibbaranger was trapped in the Arctic, but she fails to convince Akagi and Yumeria with such an absurd story.


But Akagi counters their argument by claiming that Hatte selected him to be the main character in the first place and that the series creator is projecting blame.

You need to login to do this. The combined attacks of Akiba Red and Bouken Red force the Chief Clerk to retreat, while Akagi returns to the real world, still drunk and surrounded by people taking pictures of him. Their passionate meeting is yet another grand delusion, but Ryuji notices Akagi and thanks him for continuing to support him and Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Akagi also fears that Malseena will be written out in the process.

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In an attempt to keep their universe existent, they start to foreshadow a series of complex sub-plots that one episode alone could not resolve. But all that changes when Nobuo discovers official Akibaranger merchandise for sale in one of his usual Otaku boutiques: List of Unofficial Sentai Akibarangdr characters. The Akibarangers then confront Malseena, who is holding Hiroyo hostage, but they suddenly see their normal selves before disappearing into the MMZ units. She then tells them of a vampire attack at Akiba Square across the street.

Logo for Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. As the Akibarangers prepare themselves to the final battle against Malseena, KozuKozu watches in shock as Hiroyo suffers a strange transformation in front of her. Hiroyo tells the trio that with their delusion entering reality, they have now become real superheroes. After a long epusodes with the monster Senhai Seitakaawadachisouhigenagaaburamushi, the Akibarangers get their second wind once Malseena leaves the scene and finishes eentai executive with the Moe Magnum.

After Takuma bids them farewell, the phone rings and KozuKozu picks it up, hearing that The Pentagon wants to recruit Akagi into the United States Department of Defense due to the leadership skills he displayed in the Asakusa Alpaca incident. Believing that things may return to normal with Blu-Ray’s defeat, the trio decides to have the Akibarangers reassembled.