For the Akibarangers to get back their powers back and have a chance to confront Prism Ace, Hatte approves the production of a special VS film featuring all of them. Akiba Red rushes to save Doctor Z before the mecha’s severed head falls on him to prevent another possible ending. But in its shadow there’s a pile of discarded material, wild delusions and ulterior motives, which have been supporting the toku series without ever having the chance to actually shine in the open. Taking place in an Alternate Universe from the original series and shamelessly Retconning several important events in the process , the Akibaranger have disbanded following their climactic victory over the Blatantly Evil Guerilla Marketing Firm B nine months previously. Akagi begins to worry, as Takuma’s departure has signaled the end of the mid-season change and he is unsure of what will happen next. Once back in their reality, the Akibarangers are horrified to find Choco-tan turned into an Oneeder with even General Tsuu surprised at the turn of events. Z out in order to shut him down, Delu Knight, reactivates and kills both her and Dr. Meanwhile, the mysterious patient is watching an episode of Boukenger.

Back to reality, Akagi and the girls thank Okamoto for his help as he gives them General Tsuu’s business card to track him down. Meanwhile, with the children gone, Malseena exits the locker and spots a drawing of Hiroyo on the wall; upon taking it, a dimensional portal opens, and she walks through it. As Malseena hides in a locker, Shimokitazawa winds up in a small city ruins stage, where the Akibarangers continue to torment him when Red Hawk suddenly appears from the sky to attack the Chief Clerk. At first, she was happy that her father made the units in appreciation of her success, only to realize that they are the catalysts for his twisted goal to bring his delusions into reality. After delivering the package at the studio, Akagi and Mitsuki sneak into TV Production Department 2, which houses all of the props and scenery used in Super Sentai episodes. While escaping from the police, General Tsuu ends up meeting the Akibarangers and learns their secret when confronted by Hadezukin, realizing he can use his Moya Moya Z-Cune to enter the Delusional World. Later, Akagi, Mitsuki, and Yumeria go to the latter’s home, which is decorated with countless anime and Super Sentai memorabilia.

However, citing that their MMZ units are locked away regardless of Akagi insisting they be there, Malseena is shocked by the turn of events as the long-haired akibarangre decides to take matters into his own hands.

List of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger episodes

Akagi begins to worry, as Takuma’s departure has signaled the end of the mid-season change and he is unsure of what will happen next. Despite an out of synch introduction with Luna’s terminology of their arsenal, the Akibarangers manage to defeat Blu-Ray with the Inordinate Cannon. Meanwhile, at Stema Otsu Corporation’s secret base, Doctor Z orders Malseena to lay off all of the plus Chief Clerks, as he has no use for them, much to her dismay. However, Yumeria still has not returned and Mitsuki cannot be contacted, and upon coming across Luna Iwashimizu, an aspiring idol and Akibaranger fan, they recruit her as the new Akiba Blue.

Attempting to fight Malseena in the Delusion World, the Akibarangers finds themselves attacked by an “Americanized” Tyranno Ranger and Dragon Ranger, xentai Hiroyo to have them retreat.

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger – Wikipedia

But when she receives a phone call from Hiroyo, she and Akagi enter the delusion to aid Akiba Yellow in battling Sntai once again. Finding her at an audition held by the famous American director George Spiel burtonAkagi and company learned her lost the role to her rival Akina Maihama. Upon being offered a chance to become her eternal enemies and fight her indefinitely just like she promised them in the end of the first season, the Akibarangers refuse and Delu Knight fights them instead.


While discussing about Baros lol’s true intentions, the Akibarangers come across a girl in an angel costume who eats the Otaku hearts of some people, getting them rid of their nerdiness. Senhai trio attempt to chase after her when they are stopped by Akagi’s boss Tazuko, who whacks Akagi with her clipboard for taking a delivery not assigned to him.

She explains to them that Takehiro was a genius who earned his doctorate at age 21 and became a top professor at 24 before marrying her mother.

The trio are left in utter shock as Z promises that the best is yet to come while he and Malseena take their leave. Akagi and Yumeria are forced to retreat, and the effects of the dark changes in Z-Cune Aoi keeps spreading to the point of affecting the entire franchise to the point of being a short lived series with Hiroyo effected as she ends up on the verge of bankruptcy.

After a long fight with the monster Shibuya Seitakaawadachisouhigenagaaburamushi, the Akibarangers get their second wind once Malseena leaves the scene and finishes the executive with the Moe Magnum. Waking up from a dream, Akagi decides to get a drink at Himitsukichi where he reminisces with Hiroyo of when he, Yumeria and Mitsuki became the Akibarangers nine months ago.

However, the studio felt his works were too dark and violent in contrast to the more popular moe and yuri styles, and after having disagreements with the chief animator, he was fired from the studio and ostracized from the industry.

Akagi transforms into Akiba Red and engages the enemies, with his teammates joining him shortly. They slowly begin to lose their hopes when they encounter Chief Clerk Tsukishima Alpaca and battle him in their delusion, while Malseena reveals to the viewer that she staged the fake Toei producer phone call.

Though Akiba Blue frees him, Akiba Red repeatedly falls for Malseena posing as Sayaka and ends up being homoerotically pinned down again. The next morning, with Yumeria cosplaying as a blue-haired elementary school boy, Hiroyo explains to the trio that Akagi’s delusions were amplified by his alcohol intake.

List of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger episodes – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Malseena then retreats and Kiba Ranger leaves soon after, swearing to return and bring them down for good in their next encounter. Though Akibarangers see this as another flag for a final episode yet would not actually happen as they do not have giant akibaeanger of their own, Machine Itashar appears and transforms into a giant Itashar Robo that grabs the Akibarangers to engage in battle with Boomerang Titan.

After Hiroyo fails to convince Luna not to quit the Akibarangers, learning of her manager Tojo while unintentionally ruining the video Luna was going to post on Nico Nico Tube, Akagi finally learns that Yumeria has married into the Yokoyama family yet is keeping her otaku lifestyle under wraps as new mother-in-law Yasuko insists it to be an embarrassment to the family.

Hiroyo tells the trio that with their delusion entering reality, they have now become real superheroes. But from their perspective, the duo discover that this is yet another villainous scheme by Malseena, who uses bootleg DVDs and peel-away bubble sheet stickers to magically strip nerds of their clothing.

Realizing that she is in fact another enemy, Akagi and the girls confront her, and she reveals herself as the Space Ninja Hadezukin. You newfags are all the same! Akagi and Yumeria plans of celebrate Luna’s return to the Akibarangers is cut short when Hiroyo revealed she only hired her for the day and can not afford her services full time. Articles containing Japanese-language text. However, Yumeria’s attempt to form a relation with KozuKozu and Mitsuki’s upcoming battle her high school rival Mio Usagi in three months are thwarted with KozuKozu’s love confession to the former while the latter learns that Mio’s recent bicycling injury has forced her out of competition.


Though the Akibarangers are brought back to reality as they about to execute the Moe Magnum attack, Asakusa manages to completely shatter the barrier separating the real world from the Delusion World. The vagrant also appears and reveals himself as Doctor Z, the true leader of the Stema Otsu Corporation. They decide to ignore this incident, but Malseena forces them to fight with the Sub-Chief Clerk Shibuya Kouzorinahigenagaaburamushi. Becoming impatient with the delusional battle, Malseena smokes a cigarette while watching the trio shadow boxing in the real world.

Their passionate meeting is yet another grand delusion, but Ryuji notices Akagi and thanks him for continuing to support him and Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. As such crossover movies always begin with a fight between the heroes, the Akibarangers try to defeat Prism Ace with the Itashar Robo with no success, until Saburo Qkibaranger comes with a Magi Phone -like device that Malseena uses to enlarge Super Akiba Red.

Walking back home while reflecting on what she learned of her father and the MMZ designs, she suddenly realises her father’s episodees role in the group’s current adventures.

Infatuated by Niibori’s kendo skill, Mitsuki approaches him to seek advice on improving herself as an Akibaranger.

In the delusion, the Episoves confront a group of Shatieeks led by Yoyogi Sujibokehashirigumo, a spider-like Chief Clerk latched on the back of a Shatieek. Reminded of several “parental visit” episodes of past Super Sentai series and fearing the outcome of Yumeria’s mother finding out her akibraanger, Akagi starts hiding all of the memorabilia, only to stumble upon her collection of yaoi manga in her closet, which gets him kicked out of the apartment.

Once away akiaranger the enemy, Akagi manages to have Ryu Ranger remember himself and return to normal after reenacting one of his most famous scenes from Dairanger episoddes, and Yumeria does the same with Kiba Ranger once he appears to confront them. But Akagi counters their argument by claiming that Hatte selected him to be akibatanger main character in the first place and that the series creator is projecting blame.

Jikonin team tries to exploit this flaw, but upon seeing General Tsuu’s happy face in the real world, Hiroyo realizes it is a trap and warns them to stop attacking. As General Tsuu arrives to watch the Jakangers confronting them, the Akibarangers desperately try to return the Gouraigers to normal with ninja attacks used by previous Sentai.

Meanwhile, the man in the hospital is revealed to be Saburo Hatte, who is in a critical state. As Hiroyo watches Akagi transform in disbelief, she suddenly feels a surge of pain within her body.

On July 6, Animate. While this is going on, Malseena is seen handing freebies to people who put on vampire teeth for the act. Akiba Blue and Akiba Yellow decide to give a try and the giant hero Prism Ace appears to help them and defeats Malseena. While escaping from the police, General Tsuu ends up meeting the Akibarangers and learns their secret when confronted by Hadezukin, realizing he can use his Moya Moya Z-Cune to enter the Delusional Senati.

However, Akagi is shocked upon researching about Zyuranger just to find that somehow its origin is listed to be from the United States instead of Japan, under the name Powerful Rangers.

As Akiba Red and Akiba Blue watch the explosion, Akiba Yellow gives her business card to the crowd; among them is a faceless vagrant with long hair, who then passes the card to Malseena while the Akibarangers are chased off by the police officer.