Umi ni Ukabu Supai Sensen ” Japanese: Most of the Black Cross operatives are humans who have been enhanced through surgery. The End-Ball Game” Transcription: And so, Himitsu Sentai Goranger ends with each of the five Gorangers standing in the midst of all the destruction, standing in salute of their Goranger Commander. Varidreen Left to be Dismantled” Transcription: Sun Halo Mask vs. Tsuyoshi becomes Akarenger and recruits the others to become the Gorengers and avenge his father’s death.

Akuma no Kaizoku Takara Sagashi ” Japanese: A Yellow Whirlwind” Transcription: The Swirling Trick Play” Transcription: Akuma no Hakaba ” Japanese: Mimi Jigoku Kara no Dasshutsu ” Japanese: A Fake Gorenger Appears” Transcription:

Works of Shotaro Ishinomori. But the explosion was massive and intense.

After possibly hundreds of thousands of people have died? Infiltrate the Underground Base” Transcription: Mystery of the Dollhouse?! Prior to battle, the team shouts “Five members assembled, Gorenger! Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources.

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The Deadly Desertification Plan” Transcription: In fact, the more I think about it… that abrupt ending is really kind of lame. It was a pun the whole time. The series was broadcast in Thailand on Channel 7. A Demon’s Killing Beach” Transcription: Umi ni Ukabu Supai Sensen ” Japanese: Atorantisu no Akumu ” Japanese: Enrage, Five Stars of Justice” Transcription: This section needs an improved plot summary.


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Goranger episode 84

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Koroshi no Dokuga ” Japanese: The Sunset Gunman” Transcription: Ookami Butai ” Japanese: Lamprey Torpedo Attack” Transcription: Attack According to the Secret Plan” Transcription: So the decision comes to attack the Gorangers one more time on his own before that ever happens.

He basically schools Daita on what it is the Gorangers have to do with Cassiopeia. Satsujin Supai no Wana ” Japanese: Most of the Black Cross operatives are humans who have been enhanced through surgery.

Strong Midomerang, Big Counterattack” Transcription: Enter, the Invincible Varidreen” Transcription: The Protruding Cannon” Transcription: A Fake Gorenger Appears” Transcription: Kirai Renzoku Dai Bakuhatsu ” Snetai The Mysterious Seal Train” Transcription: The Zoldiers have to pack him up and stuff him into a cross-shaped box and haul him off to safety, leaving Golden Mask behind to fight.


The Battle of Tottori Dune” Transcription: His whole body kinda shrinks in and disappears. Please improve the article by adding more descriptive text and removing less pertinent examples. ggoranger

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Mimi Jigoku Kara no Dasshutsu ” Japanese: Baritanku Hasshin ” Japanese: Sun Halo Mask vs. The Bloodsucking Snake-Woman” Transcription: Akuma no Kaizoku Takara Sagashi ” Japanese: The Deadly Number 1″ Transcription: This page was last edited on 6 Februaryat Chase himltsu Spy Route to the Sea” Transcription: Smash the Great Microbe Gorangeg Transcription: Big Raging Variblune” Transcription: Ningen Bakudan o Taose ” Japanese: This article possibly contains original research. They had various secret bases across the globe.

Escape to Hope” Transcription: Shinigami Kan no Wana ” Japanese: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.