Volunteers speak to the Hollyoaks team. During that time there would be healing time and that’s fast now as they now use enemas the morning of the surgery. Do you and the rest of the team feel a responsibility with that? My good friend Ngunan, who’s a radio DJ, inspired the first incarnation, the funky smart girl with heart and attitude. I can’t help but get the feeling the person or persons advising are better qualified to talk about self-harm than they are about GRS. I can honestly say I have never cut my arms in my life – other than by accident – even at my lowest ebb. She can be larger than life but she can also bring vulnerability and heart, and that’s what we wanted for Blessing.

I think we could have advised so much better here. Can you tell us about those scenes? As announced last month, Blessing was born as Tyson Delaney and has a troubled background, having spent time in a young offenders’ institution before moving to Hollyoaks to start a new life. Has that soap experience helped you with Hollyoaks? Hollyoaks launches Blessing Chambers’s big new storyline this week as she confides in Tony Hutchinson about the secret she has been keeping. The other female members don’t have trans storylines. Blessing is trying to keep everything under control, but every time her boss sees her, it always looks like she’s the one causing trouble. Here is the moment this happened.

She’s not transgender herself and that is definitely something that was not taken lightly, but she’s an actress, and a good one, so I don’t think she will disappoint. And found a pretty good reason to do so.

Faith also appeared briefly in EastEnders itself as a taster for the spinoff series. Dennis is looking at flights on his laptop.

Hollyoaks’ Blessing Chambers to reveal she used to be a man called Tyson

That’s now going to worry parents that their kids might be trans if they cut themselves. This also applies to trans men with phalloplasty of course! The ‘surprising her with Thailand’ would not work as they have waiting lists too! During this interaction, Rick Laxton, Head of Casting, was asked where all the roles and call-outs for trans actors were. And if those considering this path come ans speak to us as a result of this show then they will at least be in good hands!


In my first audition, I had to bring along a monologue and perform it. However, Blessing the character is clearly disappointed and so she should be, coming so close to her dream. Your current job is always training you for your next one. I expected to be lectured but this was an opportunity to have an open and honest chat with some trans people.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: Scenes due to air in May will see Blessing confide in Tony Hutchinson Nick Pickard by revealing that she is a transgender woman. Visits to the Hollyoaks police station enticed some play acting from us: A lot of my shoes and outfits are black – it’s not that I’m boring or anything, but I just dress very simple compared to Blessing! But again she has to only wait what? The self-harm storyline is also misleading. Because of the type of character Blessing is, she makes everything work for her.

I wasn’t sure whether I would get it or not, so I just wanted to enjoy the auditions and try my best. I dress very differently myself, as my favourite colour is black. Blessing’s entrance storyline kicks off when Dennis’s cousin Dodger decides to invite him out to a strip club to cheer him up.

Vicki Lutus Senior Producer 6.

Next Tea belssing the river with the Cambridge Student Newspaper. Esther’s bullying for instance, that took months to get going because we had such a huge responsibility to tell the story right. Blessing catches Dennis hiding in the dressing room. In this instance as Blessing rolls over in tears at the news she hears her mother’s voice.

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Don’t forget to write! In the second and third auditions, we had scripts and I was at Lime Pictures in Liverpool with quite a few other girls. Amongst their ranks were the actors, writers, casting, press, researchers and the online team. Again a bit odd?

Getting to know the Hollyoaks team… and working on new storylines

You may also be interested in My character Faith tsoryline fun to play and she did a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally do in real life! E20, playing the role of Faith Olubunmi. She can be larger than life but she can also bring vulnerability and heart, and that’s what we wanted for Blessing. But I fear she will be out 2 weeks and be swinging from the chandeliers! Some do of course but to roll this storyline out twice with two different transsexuals MTF and FTM is giving misinformation as it is just as likely people will not self-harm.


And there seemed to be a surgeon who called herself a doctor again Thai Modelalthough a female Surgeon is topical as this has happened in Charing Cross recently.

I could go on. They also spoke hllyoaks the MOT the day before? Firstly even young healthy patients need a few months to heal sufficiently not hollyoals for infection risk and damage occurring.

This was actually a good twist. She’s going to be a big character, so we’ll have to wait and see who she gets involved with. So Maxine is storylline seen at the airport. The team and colleagues here are some of the best advisors I know!

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I just feel they are all out of ideas, so stop treating Blessing as a transsexual and start treating her like a female member of the cast. My first day was actually quite nice and the director was lovely as well.

We will keep an eye on all this. Waow, can you believe I rehearsed this?! Now make that times worse and inside. Blessing Chambers is left fearful next week when a private investigator turns up in the village. So ohllyoaks it is Thailand this is a fudge!

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