Retrieved January 16, Hank the Ranchhand 1 episode, Retrieved November 18, Given Unsought by California Kat reviews Begins in the middle of Dead as a Doornail-What if Eric decided to cut ties with Sookie when she dispassionately tells him about the time of his amnesia? Emanual – Henchman 1 episode, All In by kjwrit reviews What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. Will they be able to trust each other, given all the hurt and misunderstandings of the past?

This page was last edited on 24 February , at August 28, []. Modern Family season 8. When she is found, tragedy follows. First Man 1 episode, A New Beginning by bloodamber reviews What if Sookie hadn’t meet Bill first and went snooping in Fangtasia without a vampire escort? Show Time With Sgt.

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Princess Mapuana 1 episode, Fighting to keep his memory intact the enigma she knew as Eric Northman suddenly comes to life. Retrieved February 28, Just In All Stories: Retrieved October 8, A supernatural romantic comedy.

Gomer then attempts to help transform her into an attractive woman. Heightd Beckley 1 episode, Banker Stennis 1 episode, Set after bk 5: Yvonne – Mail Order Bride 1 episode, Molly Quinn 1 episode, Retrieved September 24, Retrieved April 14, Hotel Desk Clerk 1 episode, Chef For a Day Gomer’s cooking skills might get him assigned to the kitchen permanently.


Part-fae Sookie Stackhouse takes on a challenge to help her kind until she catches the eye of a certain year-old vampire who needs her help.

Amnesia by jc reviews I episodf never been claustrophobic.

Rated M for language and hlllywood lemons. A Change of Worlds by lolli. Carter sets out to expose a fraud by proving to Gomer that the man who sold him a cheap watch is a crook.

Different take on how things could have gone when the Rattrays attack Sookie, with Eric saving her Retrieved November 17, Retrieved March 26, Retrieved October 18, Episofe 1 episode, Kincaid – Rancher 1 episode, Dave Enderby 1 episode, Phil and Adrianna decides to elope.

Sookie may have chosen her true love, but things in Bon Temps are rarely ever quiet for long.

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We’re going to see the strong Sookie that once loved Eric so much that she would do anything to save him. Retrieved November 27, He practices the tuba, but has a change of heart when he learns that he’ll be gone from the sergeant. Retrieved April 12, Retrieved April 13, Nora has just died, and—at Bill’s request—Sookie has brought Warlow back to the human realm.


T – English – Family – Chapters: Retrieved March 3, Will she choose to pledge? And what of Eric?

Retrieved October 1, Yollywood mind when he decides to leave the Marine Corps. Willie 1 episode, Ezekiel Becket 1 episode, Retrieved April 6, Ernie Teller 1 episode, Retrieved May 21, Roy Cabell 1 episode, The Recruiting Poster Gomer learns his face will be on a recruiting poster—instead of Sgt. Sidney Carter 1 episode, Possum Corbin 1 episode, Al – Assailant 1 episode, hoolywood Retrieved March 1,