They are love rivals?! Dr Saam is arrested for practising medicine without a licence The king seems unsure about what to do. As Kwanghun faces the sword of the dodgy boatman, who has already killed the guard, Sungha is trying to persuade his father that there is still time to find and save Kwanghyun! The bad news is he will have to amputate his leg …. Myunghwan persuades the king that the new clinic is for the best. Myunghwan sees his chance to push.

The king does his best to act like a fellow citizen and invites Jabong to sit and drink with him. Of course he could never consider this option — surgery was unheard of. But if he can now show that a successful operation is possible, it could mean his triumphant return to Joseon. But as he leaves, a stranger in a wide-brimmed hat watches him go. Everyone wants to know how Read more. Kwanghyun leaves but he is worried that if they put off having the operation, it will be too late. His assistant drags him away from the other gamblers and they go to the market because they need to make some money. But Jabong offers to carry the tray and as they argue over this, the tray falls and the dishes spill all over the floor.

She swoons over him and seems to have fallen in love. The other men that he shares accommodation with gamble noisily to unwind at the end of the day.

The last episode ended with. November 30, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. Over at the palace, the princess comes out of her quarters dressed in a white mourning hanbok.

Jump in the water and swim after the boat? In the morning the doctor still refuses to accept hrse. While Myunghwan gets special treatment at the palace and can directly meet the patient, Kwanghyun is in the ordinary world lining up with other hopeful doctors who came with good recommendations and all ready to compete to find the cure. Well here we are. The princess wants to test the water and see if there is any way for Kwanghyun to return to Joseon if he is still alive.


He is angry that the doctor treated him and he leaves as soon as he can. I was annoyed with her in the last episode but now I feel sorry for her.

Kwanghyun and Kayong are surprised to discover that he is from Joseon — he was a prisoner of war during the Manchu wars of but has managed to rise to and become a high ranking governor. Everywhere he goes he manages to bump into someone with a strange illness.

But when Myunghwan interrogates him, Dr Saam refuses to give him any information. Kwanghyun takes her pulse. First they wonder if the chef has changed. She always treats Kwanghyun like her little brother, and she behaves like a man herself. Oh stop going on about food, Kayong. The fact that Jinyung has suggested the moxa makes me think that it could work this time.

She refuses to believe it. The disease is spreading through her body and they believe there is no cure…. Just then the maid gives them an important letter from Qing.

She has infected bone marrow disease — the dramadrok illness that Dr Ko died of. Myunghwan hears that the mysterious pharmacy for the poor is travelling around selling cheaper herbs.

Horse Doctor Episode 32

November 29, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. The doctor attracts a crowd of onlookers as he begins to heal patients with acupuncture. When Kayong complains to Dr Saam about this, he simply laughs. This episode is all about what to do with Kwanghyun now that Dr Ko has died.


And here, in just ONE episode he manages to perform two very unusual operations. At least for now.

Horse Doctor Episode 35 – dramasROK

So we come to the final test before we can wrap things up in Horse Doctor! This time his instruments are boiling away on the fire to be sterilised. Myunghwan sees his chance to push. She seems to have got a lot better at pretending to go along with whatever she is told to do! After speaking to the Empress at the feast Kwanghyun knows he can go back to Joseon. She bumps into Daebang, Taeju, and their snooty teacher, Dr Kwon.

Horse Doctor Episode 34

Hearing his name brings back lots of unpleasant memories as well as his guilty feelings over the death of Dr Ko. I thought they would stay apart from Kwanghyun for a while. Jinyung is worried about Sungha and comes looking for him. Kwanghyun wonders if the chef may be sick.

Horse Doctor Episode 33 – dramasROK

Kwanghyun falls to dcotor knees when he realises that he is standing in front of the Emperor. In the last episode. He demands to know if Dr Saam knew this already. His fashion is getting better and better! March 12, August 7, dramasrok Horse Doctorsageuk. The last part of this episode was fantastic.