It can be no excuse that this Hollywood crap production is supposedly entertainment, it is simply sexist garbage, aimed at the basest instincts.. Later that night, at the village’s weekend-long harvest festival , Lorna discovers that Beth has inherited a vast fortune from her mother. Archived from the original on December 10, This page was last edited on 20 December , at What an irresponsible piece of trash. Views Read Edit View history.

I thought that they kinda took an idea, if you ever heard this woman from history, they called her “Countess Blood”, I believe, look her up if you do not know what I’m talking about, because there is a scene that is very much like that in Hostel 2. In other projects Wikiquote. A second poster, released in February , showed a side profile of actress Bijou Phillips nude, holding her own severed head. I couldn’t care less about this completely pointless detour featuring Roth going “look! I Know Who Killed Me”. The Elite Hunting representatives try to find someone else to finish off Whitney and inquire with other patrons, including an Italian man who is eating Miroslav alive.

She’s sorta the Josh of Hostel II, only Lorna is a cartoon where as Josh actually seemed like a guy you could meet in a college algebra class. A suburban American family is being stalked by a group of psychotic people who live in the desert, far blugay from civilization. Censorship of the film received some bluraay from the public: However, the pictures all show the girls smiling; standard passport rules do not allow smiling or other facial expressions.

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Having been parg via pagerTodd and Stuart are chauffeured to the factory. Bijou Phillips’s is the obnoxious, one-dimensional slut who just wants to sleep with Viktor Krum.

Full Cast and Crew. Yes No Report this. Language Set favourite s Login. Much of the third act has an almost slapstick vibe, but Roth lacks the grace and timing of splatstick alumni like Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson to truly pull it off. Unfortunately, Roth and Tarantino were presumably too busy head-banging to men being torn apart by dogs, girls getting buzz-saws in the face and the gruesome ‘Bathory’ scene to notice.



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See hostwl young woman being abused and mutilated in the most horrific and perverse manner imaginable, and get your kicks by seeing murder depicted most explicit.

Part 2 director’s mouth, you’d be under the impression that this was a new lesson in extreme cinema, pushing the boundaries of 720 is acceptable on screen to new and previously unheard of levels. The Elite Hunting representatives try to find someone else to finish off Whitney and inquire with other patrons, including an Italian man who is eating Miroslav alive. Blufay site’s consensus states: Hostel 2 also follows 2 American men who, on the flip side of the coin, are willing to pay to join an exclusive club where a life will end at their hands She demands the code to the cell door from Stuart, but still needs to be buzzed through, which inadvertently summons Sasha and the guards.

I hope he’s finally scratched that itch for paying homage to his favorite horror flicks and his shock for shock’s sake fetish. I am old school and still believe the best horror isn’t in-your-face-gore. For a horror flick, the movie has surprisingly little scares. Audible Download Audio Books.

It was at the ending that I actually let a laugh slip. Internet Movie Poster Awards. Mass Communication in unrzted Converging World. Heather Matarazzo’s Lorna should have been a good character. The Best of Both Worlds?

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Part III Video It’s very gory and very disturbing, but it’s a great horror flick with a great ending! I Spit on Your Grave Goofs at around 24 mins After the girls check into the Hostel, the clerk takes their passports, and e-mails the details to various bidders.

Miroslav as Stanislav Ianevski Parr Zigo However, it neither matches nor surpasses the original.


The shocking about turns of the plot are more predictable than the director seems to think and what should have been a tense, nail-biting conflict of wits misfires, giving us nothing but loads of shouting and a dramatic, but unbelievable personality gluray.

Part II sub download. She tries to hide and discovers a room filled with human trophy heads before oi is captured and taken to the factory.

Horrified by what he has done, he tries to leave, but one of the guards informs him he is contractually obligated to kill her. Shock Till You Drop. Use the HTML below. Jnrated, nice and pretty girls with much to offer the world and whether or not dismembering them is more shocking than torturing and killing a horny male jock is a matter for feminist academics to debate.

Retrieved 720; 5, Much of the violence takes place off camera, where the audience imagination is set to run wild to the screams of the mutilated but only one scene towards the end is liable to make you wince. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre I couldn’t care less about this completely pointless detour featuring Roth jostel “look! It was, in fact, not very good, but what it did have was an intriguing premise: The film grossed less than half of what its predecessor did, released during a period the Los Angeles Times characterized as a “slump” for horror films.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: The four check into a hostelwhere the desk clerk uploads their passport photos to an auction website. That said though, if you’re after more of the same arcing blood sprays and annihilated bodies, Hostel hoostel delivers.