Amber catches Nina with the puzzle piece and forces her to tell all about the quest for Sarah’s treasure. Senkhara is getting upset that Joy and Fabian had chosen to save Nina and her friends instead of the key to the mask. Fabian e Joy ir ao cinema. Trudy cleans out the attic to prepare a guest room and throws out the dollhouse. Mara and Vera go head-to-head in a hearing to establish the truth of Mara’s claims. When a poisonous article about Nina appears on the school website, speculation is rife about the identity of the school’s phantom blogger. Alfie runs into Eddie and tells him Fabian is a sinner.

They move on to the next task where they must follow the clues on the wall and pick the right liquids and pour them into six different tubes on a lion’s head, which will free the glue stuck to the door into the next tunnel. Jerome catches Alfie with his puzzle piece and steals it to give to Rufus. Nina realizes Victor has his own copy of the Zodiac but his is more complete! Eddie gives him KT’s key through the grate. A new girl named KT begins school, and Eddie recalls seeing her in a vision where her grandfather gives her a key. Alegria entra em seu artigo para o concurso, mas Mara acha que seu artigo foi introduzido.

A shocked Mara is expelled, while Jerome fires “Coach” Alfie. There, they find the next clue — a key. Amber gouse Patricia then overhear that Victor has three reflectors and Leegndado overhears that the Sibunas have the remaining three.

Frobisher and the sinners are laughing because the staff was actually the staff needed for the event. Vera has secretly bribed her witness — and Trudy is still suspicious.


As Sibuna explores the spider web task, Patricia arrives to warn them that someone is coming.

Jerome reads a letter to his mother from his father and makes a shocking discovery. The Collector intimidates Jasper into giving him the key to the exhibit, but Trudy finds out and becomes suspicious. Suddenly serious she says, “Eddie.

Patricia overhears Victor talking to Sergeant Roebuck about Joy, and realizes the police are also involved in the conspiracy surrounding Joy’s disappearance. She also seems to suggest that Victor killed her parents.

The answer lies in some old diaries, but one is missing. But no one still alive has heard it Willow sets the hedgehogs free.

Vera is upset about Mara’s article and convinces Victor to take action. Francis Magee as Victor Rodenmaar Jr. Fabian explains his epiphany and tells them they need to wait until night, they agree but are unsure of how to do it.

Alfie saves it to give to Amber, thus passing step one in Amber’s dating book. Eddie and Patricia run off to play American football, and Patricia loses her amulet.

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KT and Eddie put together the artifacts. Joy boosts her confidence with legendaxo brand new look. The dollhouse begins to communicate with Nina, and she thinks that the Mask is in the house. The Anubis residents plan a feast in the cellar. Fabian is now unable to remember his own name; he even forgets who Nina is. Trudy is having strange dreams.

Mick se prepara para sair para o bem. She and the rest of Sibuna find legal documents that say that Rufus’s parents were Sarah’s guardians two years after her parents died, and that Rufus is Sarah’s age, and has definitely taken the elixir.


Amber distracts Victor by pretending to faint so that Nina can get the relic. Thus, the antechamber code is revealed. After a misunderstanding, Eddie thinks that KT likes him. In the end, she uses a hairpin to pick the lock and leave the attic.

The dollhouse tells the Sibunas the tune for the task: He startles Nina, causing her to knock a box off the table.

Victor is translating the Book of Pegendadobut it is not eisode easy as he had hoped. Nina Martin, an American teenager, arrives at Anubis House, a residency at Amun Academic Boarding School — one of the United Kingdom ‘s most selective and prestigious boarding schools — and finds it to be a mysterious and even foreboding place. KT gets a call from Fabian [before he trusted Frobisher] and decides to return.

House of Missions/House of Captives

Eddie and KT assemble the key, but Robert comes in and tries to interfere. Alfie tells the gang he remembered the teachers’ spooky rituals from the cellar, episodde they discover the next clue hidden inside a fake phonograph cylinder in the attic. Mais tarde, a casa de bonecas abre um compartimento secreto para revelar um mapa.

Eddie tenta obter Patricia que admitir que ela gosta dele. They trick them with the “pigeon poop”.