Want to add to the discussion? Lists with This Book. Well, some creepy moments, some gore. Can’t say that ending pleased me at all. I think the things you got to know from the diary is what really happened to the Lolita when she was little and that she killed her whole family and then herself and became some kind of ghost or whatever. Anyways, I read this story since it was recommended to me multiple times and thought I’d give it a try in hopes of changing my mind about horror

Just when Madoka found someone who made her feel alive. If she has one. Abandoned by her mother and then murdered by idiots just when she got her life back together I guess the moral is that all the men in her life were perverts,idiots and sexual deviates who prey on women. It wasn’t as in-depth or creepy as the main story for obvious reasons. Wow, it seems a lot of people liked this manga but for me it was like an adaptation of a cheap horror movie. It’s even more surprising because everything else in the manga was good to great.

So she cuts out their heart and puts it in her rabbit so they really will be with her forever.

I mean the repetitiveness of the whole thing gets quite boring and annoying with time. Hysteric Glamour Favourite car: Sorry for sounding angry, no offense here.

It was fun to see the depths of depravity this mangaka with a newborn baby would incorporate, nothing too mind breaking there either though.


Instead of her brother hurting her and killing her parents, it was really her doing it all. What a twisted ending!

The artwork was extremely distracting but I find that it actually added to the creepiness factor so not too bad. As in her clothes weren’t torn and dirty and stuff. Anyways, the legend was true after all huh?

mwnga For me, it stayed on the right side of that line, but I have a fairly high tolerance for that kind of stuff. After hearing the legend of the “Strange Lolita”, Kazuki becomes determined that he needs to protect himself by scaring the bizarre woman away once and for all. I could probably talk about it for a bit, but it’d be really spoiler heavy so I think I’ll avoid it.

This was such a crushing ending – but it fits very well with the theme and atmosphere of the manga.

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Reading it again will bring nothing but who cares. It would have been better if there was some sort of inkling into whatever possible motives the girl might have had. There are some lines, I think, that should not be crossed, no matter how synopsjs the author may feel in his or her artistic licence or methods for narrative.

This more ‘mysterious’ ending if you may, suits it really well.

This will keep happening over and over again. I didn’t like Uzumaki, but I liked this manga.

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The art is good, the story and the characters are good, almost everything is really good. And I just can’t get it how the policemen see it as a suicide Have you heard of that urban legend? I just get a bit triggered by people who don’t understand a piece of media because they don’t have the needed reference points, and instead of doing some research to understand it and probably broaden their worldview they simply say “I don’t like it so it sucks.


Ibitsu “Twisted” is a horror manga drawn and written by Ryou Haruka. The Lolita girl’s smile made me feel all weird. I wished they explained who she was though. Ibitsu by Okada Kazuto. But then she goes back to being a total psycho and you go back to not sympathizing with her as much.

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Jinn rated it did not like it Nov 01, So it ibitdu impossible to stop her from killing you, and the earlier the person dies, the less twisted their death become. This manga was creepy! I mean the fugly Lolita takes the identity of Remina.

Unfortunately, the young man has no idea of the horrors that await him Ranked Popularity Members 6,