I saw the first 3 minutes of Time between Dog and Wolf and did not for a second buy his intense, high octane acting. It would also have been an improvement if the last episode provided more of a closure. Not directly, but cousin of cousin ish. Thanks, Sarah, for the recap. I remember when Lee Junki would glare, I always wanted to laugh; for some reason Jung pulls it off. The title is meant to That said however, I think I’ll stick with this for a couple more episodes and see how it goes.

This type of clever work and reporting! Meanwhile, Kyum staggers his way through the marketplace. The man takes a liking to the boy and tries to raise him, although that requires that he wander the village begging for a woman to nurse the baby. Both guards realize at once what has happened. If not, then… eh. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

She gives the beggar a pricey ornament, telling him to sell it to clothe the baby.

Retrieved from ” https: But while Baek Dong Soo became the top swordsman in the land, Yeo Woon would go iljimea to serve a group of clandestine assassins whose aim is to overthrow the throne. Views Read Edit View history. Iljimae The Vigilantes in Masks. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Like in an educational documentary. I’ve been stalking the net looking for this to be up.


Too bored with historical dramas. Gyeom exchanged his charm to a boy for his life.

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I love dear cloud too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revap the guards grabbed Gyeom in front of his mother, she pretends to turn crazy and asked him what did he do to her son. Well, watching this was Shi Wan runs off and Cha Dol later renamed Shi Hoo thanks noble father and son for stepping in to prove his innocence.

Plz javabean keep on summarizin this drama!! Email required Address never made public. It would also have been an improvement if the last episode provided more of a closure. His superior warns him not too subtly that his curiosity is getting troublesome again.

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Poor Kyum has to watch his father gets slashed and stabbed through a conveniently placed hole in the cabinet, may I add. I read the five was it five? Should I give it a go? The drama premiered to a strong The acting ranges from acceptable to laughably over-the-top, the directing is okay, the effects are not as good as they could be, the music is pretty good, and Lee Junki is as much a ham as he ever was. Loved the child actors.

I didn’t watch theother one, maybe I will start wiht this one,hopefully it will be sub. Views Read Edit View history. Eventually Shi Hoo will learn great things from this man and iljomae an imperial guard, thereby fully integrating himself with the people who killed his father.


Iljimae episode 2 recap

Previous page Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. While there, the unconscious but obviously tortured guy mutters in his sleep, thereby revealing that he is indeed the missing Kyum. Sim-Duk 15 episodes, Seo Dol 18 episodes, This looks like a quality drama. Eun Chae goes off to angst by herself near a plum tree. It makes me happy that there is a side story with Iljimae’s mother and the policeman.

His refusal causes him to be beaten, and Cha Dol, who has followed his father, cries out not to kill him. Some scenes were extremely poorly shot with green screen epissode was almost laughable.

And I haven’t seen Hong Gil Dong, but from all I’ve heard, Iljimae seems to be the darker drama, and I hope people won’t compare them too much.

I actually thought Iljimae was better than expected, and the drama did get better as it went along, starting off really poorly I thought and working its way up. Romance Is a Bonus Book: