At the same time, he also appears as the husband of a beautiful woman, the Rani of Sajid Nagar. Safdar is the most active and Imran’s most trusted field partner. She again was created by Mazhar Kaleem. Ibn-e-Safi was the original author. Safdar Saeed is the most prominent, respectful, and loyal agent after Black Zero, and Imran relies heavily on him. Ali Imran was a hilarious character. Handsome and bright, the young-man holds M.

Someone please post qll the imtqn series books to me [emoji5] I will pay you a healthy amount for it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk qll the imtqn series whats that? His has already wife passed away. There is one guy that can easily do this role from Pakistan and India and that’s Amir Khan in my view. Pakistan is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement, the name Pakistan literally means land of the pure in Urdu and Persian. Black Zero is the most favourite subordinate of X-2 Imran , but none of the members of Secret Service know about his true identity. Juliana believes that Imran is X-2, and clearly mentions it to him on one occasion; [3] Imran , shocked but, manages to cover his identity with the help of Black Zero. A criminal named McLawrence has terrorized the city.

His other most significant personality facet is mazhr chief of the Secret Services: Umro Aiyyaar and his zinbeel and Qasim from Jasoosi Duniya. Yea i saw that in BBC report how he struggled and to be honest he is a fresh air for fans who appreciate acting skills not body, color or fake looks. Imran uses the character of X2 to terrify the members of the Secret Service into unquestioningly following his every command, almost as if it were the word of God himself.

So we had to save pocket money to buy those novels. His real name is Rizwan and he is a Muslim. It is an ironic fact that although Imran always argues and talks back to his peers, his favourite fieldworker is one who listens and obeys.


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Sections of this page. The Persian language was introduced into the subcontinent a few centuries later by various Persianized Central Asian Turkic and Afghan dynasties including that of the Delhi Sultanate. Articles lacking sources from March All articles lacking sources Articles imarn be expanded from August All articles to be expanded Articles with empty sections from August All articles with empty sections Articles using small message boxes.

Now he lives in “Rana House” along with Joseph. Allama Muhammad Iqbalthe national poet of Pakistan. That member is codenamed “Black Zero”. He is a serious, but benevolent and pleasing personality.

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Such tolerance for black persons, even when technically free, was not so common in Morocco, the long association of sub-Saharan peoples as slaves is shown in the term abd, it is still frequently used in the Arabic-speaking world as a term for black people. Now this Character is in the hands Of Mazhar Kaleem. He appears comical and moronic, using these features to camouflage himself as a inran.

A silver sheet is wrapped around the neck of the body, with some scriptures indicating a hidden treasure. Roshee is an Anglo-Burmese girl whose father was a businessman in Singapore. She has the ability to change her expressions in such a manner that it becomes almost impossible to recognize her.

Roshee is one of the only few people who know about Imran as the Chief of the Secret Service.

Imran always use to blame Sulaiman, he only serve him “Masoor Ke Daal”. Ibn-e-safi was the real one.

Spy fiction writer Mazhar Kaleem passes away | ePaper |

He has not his on house. Rahman ordered Imran to leave the house, stating that he can’t allow her to live with them. Heard that Mazhar Kaleem isn’t alive and just his name is being used?


He is the only member of secret service who has jealousy with Imran. Chzracters third and final of the Humbug series, Daerh Matwaalay, was written after his recovery. His novels were characterised by a blend of mystery, adventure, suspense, violence, romance and seriss, Ibne Safi was born on 26 July in the town Nara of district Allahabad, India.

In Spanish, negro is most commonly used for the color black, in Spain, Mexico and almost all of Latin America, negro means black person. Tiger is student of Imran in Judo, martial arts, sign arts, make-up and copying voice of the key gangsters. Tiger is not a bound agent of X2’s team. As a result, he has been punished by X-2 on occasions.

This section is empty. Imran reports directly to him, though at times he is irritated by Imran’s complex behaviour. This is primarily because he fails to understand why Juliana who he has a crush on loves Imran. He plays various roles simultaneously. Imran purposefully keeps multi facets to his personality. Imran’s colorful character has three personalities rolled in one.

As a result, he has been punished by X-2 on occasions. He is very intelligent member in Secret Service and also in Four-stars. X-2 has mentioned in the novels that she has seen him on many occasions, but has always ignored him. My fav character was Joseph and you like Mazhar Kaleem one so from his novels i mostly enjoyed his Black Thunder series remember Trueman?