Call it the holiday spirit inevitably coloring the sentiments of a cynic like me. Tuesday, November 14, Inang Yaya: What is perfect is her portrayal of the helper, who has to make a lot of sacrifices to serve both her family in terms of finances and her masters, who are her source of finances. Isa ito sa best performances ni Maricel kundi man best performance ever ng kanyang buong career. Posted by ibarra at 9: Lola Tersing Ericka Oreta

Hell On Frisco Bay. Makadurog-puso ang mga simpleng nuances niya at hindi si Maricel ang nakita namin sa screen kundi ang kanyang yaya karakter. Smooth, with a strong story line, solid execution, great production values, and even greater acting, Inang Yaya succeeds in transporting us from the realm of make-believe to real life. It is also a relief to see Liza Lorena rescued from the horror genre where her great talent was wasted. Visayan Forum Foundation Office Her main responsibility, however, is to play nanny to her young ward, Erika Oreta. Maraming eksena na sapul na sapul ang puso namin at tahimik lang kaming nanonood pero tuluy-tuloy ang pagdaloy ng aming masaganang luha. Inang Yaya is a simple, yet powerful tearjerker that is never cloying.

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Tuesday, December 05, from Penoy’s Image Works blog. They give us respite and rest from the troubles of the world. Yung batang ‘yon babad kasi sa araw. Amaranna’s Scenes from a Planet. Monday, December 04, Inang Yaya Enter your search terms. Thursday, November 23, ‘A.

RUBY Ako, ako lang mag-isang gumawa n’yan. The “Inang Yaya” team had a thanksgiving party where they were congratulated by Mr.


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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Mother Nanny 7. Isa ito sa best performances ni Maricel kundi man best performance ever ng kanyang buong career.

Tala, as the street-smart and spunky one, is perfect for the role and is very credible in her scenes where she has to display feistiness. Pero ang tunay na puso at kaluluwa ng Inang Yaya ay ang bidang si Ms.

Young Critics Circle Film Desk. While I acknowledge her skill, she has ticks and quips I dislike.

Our nannies are our surrogate parents, there for us when our own flesh and blood is conspicuously absent. But the film has been made, and I’m sure the film was based from the very best of the collective Filipino’s experience with their yayas or stay-in nannies, which are probably endemic to Filipino culture since these nannies literally become part of the family and have become an indelible part of the childhoods of those privileged enough to have them.

Pinatunayan ng dalawang bagitong direktor na ito na hindi kailangan ng malaking budget o ng mamahaling special effects para makalikha ng isang makabuluhang produkto. Posted by ibarra at 6: Posted by ibarra at 1: Their characters are fleshed out with real skin, bones, even grit, that it becomes almost instinctive for viewers to empathize with their plight. RUBY …Nay, puwede akong sumama?

April brings us a wide variety of women-c Also noteworthy are the performances of the other supporting cast members: Alas, it’s just a quick note to say that, while I no longer have time to maintain or update this blog, I’ll be keeping it onl The cynic and realist in me kept on asking questions: VF works for the welfare of marginalized migrants, especially those working in the invisible and informal sectors, like domestic workers and trafficked women and children.


Now, she is torn between her own flesh and blood and the child she had learned to love as her own. She’s allowed to go out of the house? It is also a relief to see Liza Lorena rescued from the horror genre where her great talent was wasted.

Scratching at the surface of her blossoming relationship with Ruby, our notions of contentiousness and indifference are tested.

The last movie I enjoyed as much, as “All About Love. The scene that affected me, most, was when Ruby entered the Louise’ home and she seeks the attention of Louise, but was constantly ignored as her mom continued to iron the clothes. Many of us grew up with them and, in turn, have assimilated them into our adult lives.

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