Below is a better picture of them. So, for the first time in 21 years I find myself no longer caring for anyone. We have not verified that the email belongs to you. Daniel Farrell 1st Assistant Editor. Roberto Contreras Clapper Loader. There is no special scenic attraction, no travel to alien landscapes either. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Their family home, with which Morse is familiar, appears in one scene sadly no listing under filming locations.

One possible suspect is Michael Steppings who threatened the Brewsters and their nurse after his daughter suffered severe side-effects and is now in a vegetative state from a botched operation two years previously. Alison Munro Costume Designer. There is some art in the episode but nothing of note. You surprised me I must say. Hi Chris, I just watched this episode yesterday. Fred Chiverton Unit Driver. For most of the part John Thaw looks like his character was accidentally teleported into another fictional universe, one belonging to s Hollywood thrillers about unstoppable and seemingly all-powerful serial killers.

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Cecil Symopsis Unit Driver. Episode Jag Rating — out of The forensics lab determines that one of Steppings’s threatening letters was altered and Morse learns that Brewster may at one time been having an affair, so he must consider another possible motive for murder. It is far too easy to go after the local bookie for a murder — surely the real answer is much more complicated.

Use the HTML below. I do believe that the actor is Scottish but ceadly laid on that accent with a trowel. In case of Inspector Morsethe ending appears to have less to do with decreasing ratings or popularity and more with the general fatigue of the cast and crew.


What’s great about this is the peaks and valleys that appear as Morse and Lewis ply their trade. Graham Walker Music Coordinator.

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Detective Sergeant Lewis Carol Starks Because of that, Deadly Slumber is the best episode synopais the series. Thank you and welcome to my blog.

Sign Out My Profile. Don Maton Generator Operator. The one location that has been driving me mad is Peter Deadlu antique shop. Claire Brewster Richard Owens No one acts guilty because he smokes a joint in the cellar once in a while, nothing like that.

Which makes this such a wonderful story, because along the way the detective and the bookie develop a friendship while still maintaining a cat and mouse attitude.

Deadly Slumber

Morse was besotted by Wendy and because of that he failed his final exams. Terry Pearce Focus Puller. It would be deadlu to identify without knowing the family history. Some found the reveal to be deceptive; I thought it particularly well done.

Anyway, so many good actors in this episode.

So, I have decided to return to University to try and get another degree this time in English Literature. Fred Chiverton Unit Driver. It involves the death of very rich man.

Audible Download Audio Books. He did well with that character. This is provided by Welsh diva, played by Sheila Gish, who arrives to Oxford University in order to receive honorary degree only to be shot by a sniper during the public ceremony.


After this episode, Inspector Morse continued dexdly television specials instead of regular seasons; however, if Twilight of the Gods should be seen as the finale of regular series, it should also be said that Morse ended on positive note. This is the first episode of sslumber seventh season and Morse seems to be more emphatic than usual. Chris Sullivan After having looked after my mum for some 11 years spumber is now unfortunately in a nursing home.

He visits her in hospital daily and reads novel aloud to her unconscious form. Devil-worshipping convincted serial rapist, played by Keith Allen, escapes from psychiatric hospital and makes his to Oxford, using carefully planned disguises. This is an excellent script. Be the first to contribute!

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That and the Mill House used for Steppings’ house made the episode all the richer and more enjoyable. This ranks up with the top Morse episodes. The scenario is remorselessness versus Morse: The gun that killed Henry Fallon was his own. Her mother Caroline Phoebe Nicholls has a speaking part. Zenith Productions Production Company. I’m not sure whether the alteration is good or inspechor. Roberto Contreras Clapper Loader.

We get to know the ex bookie, Brian Cox. Terry Ackland-Snow Production Designer. Alison Munro Costume Designer.