Member feedback about Tej Sapru: Bubbly attempts to burn Akash’s shirt to pick on Payal, but gets caught by Manorama. While, Payal apologises to Akash for her behaviour, Lavanya and Nani hatch a plan to make Khushi stay back at the Raizada house. Anjali welcomes Arnav and Khushi while Manorama and Shyam fume in anger. She tries to defend Lavanya and explain her view to Arnav. Khushi receives the gold Nataraj idol for best performance. Anjali leaves the decision to her. Epigamia was also a way of formalizing the relationship between different nations.

Member feedback about Vinit Kakar: Arnav accepts her signed draft and lends her money. Khushi blurts out the truth about her marriage with Shyam. She tells him about meeting Anjali at the temple. Coincidentally, Arnav and Khushi also happen to meet each other in the same restaurant. He thinks she is unwell and asks her to sleep in her room.

The next morning, Manorama wakes up Lavanya and asks her attend the aarti.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? Season 1 Episode

At the Raizada house, Arnav gets full support from Anjali for his decision to break up with Lavanya. According to the second theory, Kacha probably contested Samudragupta’s claim to the throne, and ruled for a brief period. Khushi is bullied by a rowdy gang.

The core of the kingdom was the area of Bihar south of the Ganges; its first capital was Rajagriha modern day Rajgirthen Pataliputra modern Patna. Khushi searches Shyam’s briefcase. Khushi and Arnav hide their discord from Anjali. Madhumati confronts Manorama for lacing her drink with alcohol. How does he make Khushi happy?


Member feedback about Devichandraguptam: Member feedback about Seleucus I Nicator: Karna, Duryodhana and Krishna and also starred his sons Nandamuri Harikrishna and Nandamuri Balakrishna, who played the roles of Arjuna and Abhimanyu respectively. Are you sure you want to perform this action? She reaches home exhausted, upset about Lavanya and Arnav’s treatment.

Chandragupta (play)

Rajesh is best known for his negative role in Sarkar Raj. The surviving fragments of the play, combined with other literary evidence, suggest that he agreed to surrender his wife Dhruvadevi to a Shaka enemy: Later in the day, Khushi gets upset when her friends ask about her wedding day and she lies about it. Coinage of India topic Hoard of mostly Maurya Empire coins. Khushi completes all the episoee assigned to her. Arnav becomes emotional about the time spent with his parents.

Khushi Ke Ghar Khushkhabri – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

How will they handle the demand for dowry? Later, she receives Diwali gifts from Anjali.

Will Arnav appreciate her gesture? However, Arnav surprises her.

Will Khushi get the papers back? Member feedback about Ashish Sharma: The Epiwode in the Indian Subcontinent were eventually divided from the Graeco-Bactrians centered in Bactria now the border between Afghanistan and Uzbekistanand the Indo-Greeks in the present-day north-western Indian Subcontinent. His empire extended from Ravi River ipknd the west to the Brahmaputra River in the east, and from the Himalayan foothills in the north to central India in the south-west; several rulers along the south-eastern coast were his tributaries.


Arnav gets angry on seeing Nand Kishore calling up Khushi to chat with her.

He brings her to the edge of the pool to push her into the water. Will Arnav be able to retrieve them?

However, Laxmi eppisode lost. Anjali and Nani demand an explanation for their sudden wedding. Other scholars believe that Vikramaditya is a mythical character, since several legends about him are fantastic in nature. Later, Shashi follows Shyam and finds Anjali with him. Member feedback about Gupta Empire: It was an adaptation of the Bengali stage play Chandragupta.