San Francisco Kate Caldwell Submitted by Gardens admin. Their plane was cancelled due to the fog. Church-Goer uncredited Lee Kuhn Church-Goer uncredited Isa Magomedov Skier uncredited Eric Feliciano While obesity is not normally a comical subject, trying to visualize an extremely thin Reese Witherspoon as the obese child in the photos was quite funny and difficult.

Jon Voight as Creighton, Kate’s father. Mark Helfrich Melissa Kent. Kid in Jump-Jump Cort Rogers Her niece barges in on her and wonders what the stick was. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, where we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate. While Brad counts down the minutes to freedom, Kate finds herself looking at the lives of Brad’s and her own siblings and comes to realize that she does want a marriage and children of her own, the prospect of which frightens Brad when she mentions it to him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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There were quite a few shots of the Golden Gate Bridge at the beginning of the movie as the fog rolled in. Her boyfriend is Pastor Phil played by Dwight Yoakam.

Connor McVie Ingrid Coree This was something that Kate did not share with Brad. Retrieved December 25, Kid in Jump-Jump Zachary Gordon San Francisco as Michael A.

Kate takes a pregnancy test while in the bathroom, cleaning off baby spit-up. Welcome to Dwight Yoakam’s mailing list. Related quizzes can be found here: It was released on November 25,by New Line Records.

Dwight to Star in “Four Christmases”

All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy. Last updated Feb 24 They have spent the last nine months hiding from their families. With more slap-stick comedy, Kate eventually wins this battle with her niece and the other brats, by retrieving the stick. A local tv news reporter interviews dwiht at the airport and the couple’s tricks are revealed.


With no way to get out of it, Kate and Brad find themselves visiting their families on Christmas Day. Here’s a holiday gift for !! When he was around someone who vomited, he gagged and almost threw up as well. Mary Steenburgen as Marilyn, Kate’s mother.

The only thing I was able to discern — thanks to the Historic Aerials website — was that the structure was built sometime after San Christases unit Lawrence Hornbeck In an effort to avoid their families at Christmas, the two go on vacation abroad while pretending to be doing charity work there. Brad’s brother Denver Jon Favreau shows off some of his new martial-arts moves.

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Sadly, New Life Community Church was not open when we showed up to stalk chrisfmases, so I was not able to get any interior photographs of the place. If either one of them find the situation too uncomfortable, they are to use this word as a clue to leave!

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San Francisco Rip Murray Four Christmases known as Four Holidays or Anywhere But Home in some territories is a Christmas romantic comedy film about a couple visiting all four of their divorced parents’ homes on Christmas Day.

Traveler uncredited Heather Black Traveler uncredited Jason Castle We did keep the smoke, though, and made it a key visual element to the set. A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible.


Kristin Chenoweth as Courtney, Kate’s sister. Slapstick ensues, some of it involving the installation of a rooftop satellite dish, some of it just random wrestling tackles in the living room, an infant’s projectile-vomiting.

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Looking at the clan, Brad is the most educated and financially successful one of the brothers, but it seems that he is the outcast of the trio. As they brace themselves for a marathon of homecomings, Brad and Kate expect the worst, but are nevertheless unable to prepare themselves enough for what they get.

Audible Download Audio Books. Church-Goer uncredited Martin Andris Kid in Jump-Jump Stephanie Venditto Traveler uncredited Cameron Caldwell Thorpe San Francisco Mark Brown Traveler uncredited Carol Kane Kid in Jump-Jump T’y Brown For more stalking fun, be sure to follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Los Angeles magazine online. San Francisco Will Dearborn Shopper uncredited Tony Sommers San Francisco Kathleen Giordano Skier uncredited Eric Feliciano Airport Traveler uncredited Zachary Culbertson They get away with this by telling their families they are out of the country doing volunteer work.

A Fistful of Quarters glimmered with promise last year, can’t be said to have delivered on it this time out.