On Jan 9, Raj Lakshmi says she will marry only Salman Khan only. Dasharath goes to his room and locks the door. Kanak says it will be last trick. He says if I can do anything to get Dhaani, then I can do anything for my freedom. Show abhitaak start nahi hua. And Joyee all the best for ur results.

Kavitha i jst love ur comments.. Tripurari asks for a chance. Inspector asks did you believe you? Hey fatarjo I must say that u r multi talented and all rounder. He says Dhaani has done this. Hey AM no updates in the youtube na??

VK Dhani aeh sab nahi kiya. Hats off to u. Aeh sabb kya hai Dhani? Like 0 Dislike 0. Fatarajo 11th Jan – 5: Tum To ko kyun release kar diya kyun?

She gets angry, push him to back and told something. Dhani please forgive TP.

I am watching the repeat of ikrs now …. Tumko sabki baat sach hai, Lekin muj bar Yakeen nahi kartae. Suwarna tells Viplav that Dhaani has forgiven Tripurari and asks him janiary forgive Tripurari as well.


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Hi joyee, what about your result? Gudiya 11th Jan – Sabita 11th Jan – 3: On Jan 9, Sonu 11th Jan – 4: Saran u r amazing, u keep the grp alive. Suwarna cries asking Viplav to stop. So finally Viplav misunderstands Dhani.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed – 9th January 2016 – इश्क का रंग सफ़ेद – Full Uncut Episode On Location News

Jyoti 11th Jan – 6: Tripurari asks what happened Viplav baba. Dasharath asks how did you come out of jail. Just then something breaks which shocks everyone.

But do like him, more for his acting. Hey AM no updates in the youtube na?? U must be celebrating with ur friends,right fatarjo? Badi Amma says she is just joking.

Isqh says she will call him in sometime.

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Kanak greets Dasharath and asks what 9tth would like to eat today, kheer or halwa of his choice. Sonu 11th Jan – 3: Raj Lakshmi praises Dhaani for showing strength and protecting Suwarna. He will get angry knowing it. Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to inform Viplav.


He says if I can do anything to get Dhaani, then I can do anything for my freedom. She takes out the bangles…….

Ishq Ka Rang Safed – 2nd January 2016 – इश्क का रंग सफ़ेद – Full Episode (HD)

Tripurari asks him to question Dhaani and says she has freed him. Dh; nahi VK, mujhe iss barae mein kuch bhi nahi pata, please muj par yakeen karo.

Matte nim weekend hegittu gelati? Dhaani thinks why did Viplav not called her, and thinks may be he is angry with epispde about yesterday night.