Suddenly smilesdisappear from everyone? Nk andManorama tell her not to worry and they go to talk with Arnav now. Khushi shouts and correct his hindi. Garima is finding medicine. I can do whatever I want. He hugs her and he? Khushi and Buaji are at Raizada house. Anjali says, even I and Arnav didn?

Arnav says, if I had called you straight way then would youcome? Arnav has came to Khushi? Manorama puts haldi on Arnav now. She says, so he? Shyam wants to know what Dadi wants to speakabout. She says, I just heard a goodnews that your and Khushi? Madhumati is shocked to see peoplecoming into the house and wonders what is happening and then notice theRaizada family.

Arnav says,when did I see you? Khushi isdesperately waiting for Arnav? Nk tells Arnav, we were just pulling your leg.

Arnav promises Khushi and she finishesthe sentence, as she is leaving she mutters that he can speak his heartin hindi and calls him Laad Govener, Arnav hears this and smiles. Like Us On Social Networks. He goes to the kitchen and tells Garima, if Khushi? Sections of this page. Shyam tells him to come with everyoneafter all rituals.

Nice information your blog has provided, thanks for publishing. Garima has a sigh of relief now. By seeing movie person experiences refreshment from their day ypdate day life.


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Arnav pulls her back and says, you will haveto do it. Arnav says, I know and he starts romancing with her.

She tells him, you can see right? And at the same time, Dadienters Khushi? Khushi says to herself, him and sorry? So she says, don? He says, I just came to tell you that youshouldn? Nk says,whatever had to happen is happened.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Outside, Dadi is saying that she is tired and she wants to go home andrest. Arnav now says, Iwill play. I never told you about it. Shyam wants to know what Dadi wants to speakabout. Theyare about to kiss and they heard buaji? Shetells Koo, look whose here. I think you should explore the articles on your website, You should also cover different different categories for articles as you writes awesome.

Arnav comes down there. Dadi whispers to Nani, when Arnavdoesn? Dadi says, I am tired rightnow. She asks him to sit beside uldate. Arnavsays, everyone is looking. Arnav tells her, have to do muchto bring you home. Arnav states what she said, Khushi reiterates she has Salman Khan,Khushi goes muttering, Anrav states what girl Khushi is, Madhumatienquires about Dadi and Nani informs she has gone to Mandir.


Anjali is putting mehendi on herhand now. Khushi is angry and leavesArnav wakes up and notices his ring is missing and is searching for it. Khushi laughs episodee says, thereis more haldi on you than me.

He hides looks at what she is doing. Khushi said that he cares forAnjali a lot. An adorable personality partnered with a perfect choice for Designer Dress unbeatable. Dadi wants tospeak to ShyamNani tells Madhumati that they want the haldi to be different, as Khushileaves Arnav calls her and thanks her for bringing his sister back tohim, he continues Shyam is back and he doesn?

Nkstars at him so he moves his camera from Khushi.