Khushi refusesbut Anjali insists. Meanwhile, Khushi has followed Arnav upstairs after the kheer debacle. Khushi comes in andsits in front of Shashi and tells them that they will get there answerstoday. Hum yeh shaadi tod kar ja rahe hai, iss ghar ko chor kar ja rahe hai, aur aap humein rok nahi sakte. Did you do all this because you think … And here they both freeze. The sight of him with the shears scares Khushi, but not enough to dissuade her. Everyone leaves and Khushi apologises toPayal. She asks him once again forher answers or tell their families that he forced this marriage on her.

Because if she was still waking up for it, why would Arnav be so worried to see her empty blankets? Shyam to stop the car, and starts to get out when he complies. Khushi returns to the bedroom, where Arnav has settled on the sofa with his laptop and a file. Shyam, who stands on the stairs. Manorma, however, just shrugs Akash and goes away. He reaches out to touch her shoulder, and she immediately flings it away. Khushi realises what misunderstanding has happened and she,too, tries explaining the situation to Manorma but she insults both thesisters. Nani and Anjaliwonder the reason and Anjali understands that Arnav had asked her to gohome.

He reaches out to touch her shoulder, and she immediately flings it away. He tries to threaten her and isspyaarkokuanaamdoon but she is adamant about getting heranswers. Khushi reaches where everyone has alreadygathered.

An interrogation Meanwhile, Khushi has followed Arnav upstairs after the kheer debacle. Anjali, recognising that Khushi wants to avoid Arnav, agrees before asking how Khushi will manage on her own.


The offer comes from Filthy! Shyam, who stands on the stairs. What kind of pain did I give you? Thethree enter the kitchen and see that the kheer has burnt Manorma startstaunting Payal again.

Sections of this page. Khushi locks the bedroom doors, intending to trap him in their private quarters until he answers her questions. And now this burnt kheer? Before Diwali, just before Arnav and Khushi fell into the rangoli, Mami prevented Khushi from going to the Shantivan kitchen to watch over the kheer.

Arnav is overjoyed and says he doesn’t even need to do anything. It makes Khushi look dumb, or too naive, like her suicide attempt. Khushi is disgusted but has no option. When Aakash insisted on marrying Payal, Arnav gave the same proud smile.

He tries to reason with his mother, pointing out that Payal has no reason to burn the kheer on purpose. Khushi goes to the room and confronts Arnav. Akash begs Payal not to cryand apologises for his mother’s behaviour. Khushi says that Arnav will tell them himself. Khushi curls her fingers into her sari and asks Filthy! She goes silent, reconsidering her words, and he finally gives her all of his attention as he asks her to continue.

She tells him she is not scared of him and can’t harm hersister either. Nani tries to console Payal before Aakash takes over, wiping her tears as Khushi watches.

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Arnav turns back to his plants, frustrated, but Khushi perseveres. Next post Previous post. And here they both freeze.


He is furious but she isnot scared of him. Payal tries explaining and Anjali supports her but Manormacontinues with her rubbish. Khushi reminds him that Payal and Aakash are already married.

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Khushi visibly steels herself, crossing her arms and looking away before isspyaarkokyabaamdoon her interrogation. When Aakash reaches out to his mother, however, Manorama flings his hands away and rushes off. Khushi comes rushing downstairs. So stop the nonsense. She could put put three marriages at risk by asking the wrong question.

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Aakash watches, getting more and more upset, as Nani tries to reason with Manorama and fails. Khushi tells Arnav she wants to talk to him and asks him how she hurthim. Just then, he isconfronted by Manorma, Anjali and Nani. Watch the episode here. He is confused of the same.


She isspyaarkokyanaamdokn Arnav asking HP about his bag before casually asking after his wife – Have you seen Khushi? Hey Devi Maiyya, he has a weapon in his hands! Manorma announces in the house tauntingly how Payal has made burnt kheerfor her. Then you brought that fatty food so that I break my diet.