We talked about movies. But we believe that at the end of the day, the people that live in these communities are best equipped to reflect back to those communities of what’s relevant for them. I wonder if you could just talk a bit about it. Perhaps I missed this, but did you indicate whether the licensing of the Rogers application would have an impact on that? Fully 60 per cent thought we would be very different and over 92 per of respondents on the Island said they were likely to watch the station. Can you just clarify which it is, 72 or 70?

I know you said your purchase of foreign programming will be complementary and you will avoid bidding wars. So if there is an economic conference in Hong Kong, for example, we would be there because CTV would be there. Then you have the ability of multiplying that by repatriating audience that an American station is taking out of the marketplace by having the ability to simulcast. We would define local as local storefront, single outlet. The people of Victoria and the Island have told us they want a new, intensely local television station to serve their community. In my conversation with Ivan Fassan, he sees this as very much a complementary service to what they’re providing here. Foreign ethnic is 12 hours.

Obviously we are interested in taking a look at those Canadian shows as well.

italoa More than one applicant has indicated that it plans to use channel So, instead of covering them on a weekly basis, or a fixed hour, because very little things happen in that community, what can you cover? There’s a couple questions. We have a blooe place in our heart for Indian Head. Let’s assume you get Victoria and somebody else gets Vancouver. It was a very strong reaction. Let me just look. But at the same point, Table by the Exit or Sounds Right TonightI would like to watch it or maybe be there, you know, at that party.

Who will cover the costs of these programs? You know, I would love — like, the news would be appealing to me, because I could watch that with my mom, my grandmother. I guess that’s really what I’m asking.


There is all these specialty channels that either have been launched or are in the process teelefilm being launched.

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Yes, I forgot to mention, I have to give these people quite a bit of credit as well, the people on the inaudible also have done quite extensive research for us at trus same time. We think we can make that work with the schedule that you have in front of you, but we obviously don’t want to create a — you know, we want to have some flexibility if there’s a problem arising.

Thank you, Madam Chair. The Island is betweenandpeople. They’re not an independent producer from a conventional broadcasting perspective, but this isn’t conventional broadcasting, and when you’re running a television station you can have five or six producers in blood television station that can do a number of things.

If we are licensed, Wayne will help set truue our Priority Program Fund for independent producers. Thank you for bringing that up. We went out into the community, and this was key, and we asked the question “What is it you want to see?

Some are partners on regional buys that we put together and cobble together cooperatively. We see the big picture. None of our stations operate that way.

For obvious reasons, we haven’t sat down with the people at CFMT to talk about how we could work together, but I have every confidence that that would happen. If they have two hours a week perhaps, they would like to go to their own communities throughout the week and just take down or film whatever is happening in their community that they feel is of importance.

You mentioned having equipment out there, trucks and others. When you, as Multivan, look at these proposals, do you have vilm to say about the content of that hour, and if so, what would be your criteria? You say CTV is going to make those choices for you?

We also found out this is what we can broadcast in the news hour, because it is a huge changing trend that we are noticing our own community that’s going to affect the rest of the community. I know that legal staff have some. There are probably three things that accounted for the correction in the marketplace. I mean, I was involved in that. So will just confirm then that the minimum amount of original local non-news is six and a half hours per week.


There are some 50 to 60 groups there. Our focus for this service for the local and regional component of it is on the Island. We have letters from them, and also a letter from CTV. They have to provide a discount to the advertiser in order for it to make it a reasonable difference, te,efilm in order to do that, they still have to have the inventory.

Stephen Root

I would have thought the figures would have been higher for revenues. I mean, those are examples of shows that potentially I think a producer would find of interest, that have potential of outside sales. Two of the programs actually we have not calculated in. And I recognize it’s not an easy answer, but just to get a sense of how you’re going to approach this challenge of meeting all the interests, beyond language.

All of these things will be provided to them. We think that a tru share of five is a reasonable share. Whenever you are ready. You have to be fairly loose in the interpretation of these open-ended responses. I will give you Victoria alone, okay, if nothing else is licensed. In the news area fil — I’m going back in history, because I’m a little bit of a dinosaur, I guess, in the broadcast industry, but when we had our independent station we had no way of getting Ottawa news.

I am going to get down to sort of nitty-gritty commitments. Could you elaborate on that? Some are other national rights holders. I must say you are very down on yourself.