He survived the war. Herbert’s father chose his inscription, a very masculine tribute from a father to a son but one of total admiration and approval. Who is actually speaking here? Although Herkes served with the London Regiment he was born and brought up in Leith, Scotland where his father was a dock porter. The British Army banned the repatriation of bodies early in and reinforced this ban after the war ended. Geoffrey Gidley was the second youngest of George and Annie Gidley’s seven children.

His parents take this opportunity of thanking all those kind friends who have sympathised with them in their terrible loss. There was much local hostility to the British and the loyalty of many members of the Rifles had became uncertain. Enemy retaliated to some extent with TMs and 77 mm shells. After America’s entry into the war he tried to enlist in the American army but so many Americans were volunteering that he became impatient at the delay and crossed the border into Canada to enlist in the Flying Corps. Statham’s body was originally buried in the 51st Divisional Cemetery, but thirteen years later all the bodies here were exhumed and reburied in Orival Wood Military Cemetery. The family lived at 45 Marsden Road, Redditch where father, Henry Bates, worked as a toolmaker in a cycle works. The subject of my tweets, blog and books is inscriptions. John Matley, the son of Thomas Matley a railway engine driver in Manchester, was a fitter in a locomotive department in Farnworth.

Harding was attacking a German fighter when von Richthofen came from behind and shot him down. So this is the last inscription in the project, one that acknowledges the casualties on all sides.

Epitaphs of the Great War

All the voices in these inscriptions are the voices of the bereaved. In his poem Owen meets the man he killed the previous day: On 15 March the battalion conducted a raid on the German trenches.

After this the records show that she divorced Sydney Donald Edward Hall in and married Samuel Robinson Oliver who divorced her in at which point she married the co-respondent, John Upston Gaskell. Rannard’s inscription is very much influenced by propaganda: It’s not possible to tell when Bates was wounded but he episodd on 29 October, the day before the 12th Division was withdrawn for rest.

Leonard Coppard’s brother, George, chose his inscription.

Jagdish maharaj bhajan mandal

Hamilton’s battalion had been brought back from Palestine to meet the German offensive. He had scarcely been there two months before he became a prisoner. The brigade had been in action throughout Octoberthe battalion diary reporting on the 12th that they had either been fighting or under enemy fire for the preceding seven days during which time they had advanced 13 miles, taken kroshna villages, captured over prisoners and many enemy guns.


By ways remote and distant waters sped, Brother, to thy sad grave-side I am come, That I may give the last gifts krisbna the dead, Since she who now bestows and 274h denies Hath taken thee, hapless brother, from mine eyes. Whatever hope is yours, Was my life also; A few lines later Owen refers not to the cruelty of war but to, ‘The pity of war, the pity war distilled’.

Jai Shri Krishna

It is a variation of an In Memoriam verse that appeared in various forms in the local newspapers during the war. It must have been indescribably gruesome.

The battalion was sent first to a quiet part of the line to acclimatise themselves to the trenches before being sent into the front line at Givenchy on 17 February. Just under a month later Manfred von Richthofen was killed.

There is more to this inscription than meets the eye. The War Graves Commission have misread this inscription; the word is definitely readiness not ‘neadeness’. A week later it went into the support trenches near Moeuvres and spent the 8th to the 12th, according to the war diary, undertaking ‘various reconnaissances’. I would dhri that his mother was dead.

It was at this point that the families would have been asked to provide a personal inscription. Some people will have said what they thought they should say, some people will have said what people conventionally say and some people will have wanted to say something that brought them comfort. Stanley Jenkin’s inscription comes from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s beautiful, passionate love poem ‘How do I love thee? In addition to this we were being subjected to very heavy fire on our left flank, which was now completely in the air, and we could actually see their gun teams working the 77’s on the crest of the ridge.

His mother chose his inscription, acknowledging that the price of victory had meant the loss of her son. And the third inscription was: Buckley, who had been a member of the militia for eleven years, joined up in March He was killed on 8 August in the capture of the village of Sailly-Laurette on the opening day of the Battle of Amiens. This refers to the fact that French and Belgian farmers were paid for each body they discovered to discourage them from failing to report it and just ploughing it back in to the ground.

Robert Currie was killed in air raid on Etaples. He clasped my hand in a manly grip; I can see him now with a smiling lip, And his chin held high in the old proud way. He is commemorated on the Vis-en-Artois memorial to the missing. The ones I admire are the ones that say something totally original – ‘He would give his dinner to a hungry dog and go without himself’Love and kisses from MotherYes my love the same your wife, Ethel’.


Jagdish Maharaj Bhajan Mandal

There is no date of entry into a theatre episore war on his medal index card and he was not entitled to a Star so he was probably not a volunteer.

He pledged the people of the United States to maintain this principle, “the moral climax of this, the culminating and final war for human liberty”. Brodie was killed in action on 17 October in the crossing of the River Selle.

Cecil’s inscription, like Rupert’s, was signed for by his father: Natty Bumppo, a white boy raised by Indians, is a ‘good’ white man, a frontiersman who helps people in trouble. At this time the Germans shfi so short of some raw materials that shoes and boots were being made out of vegetable matter.

His elder brother Warren, who had been badly gassed, returned to Canada to recuperate and was about to be sent back again when the war ended. It raises an interesting question. It’s a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. He had a been a Territorial before the war, was mobilised on the outbreak and in France on 13 February Gordon Robinson’s inscription comes from the third verse of the hymn: He died just over a week later, his parents having been telegrammed permission to visit him in hospital in France on the 19th.

As his Colonel wrote to his parents: On 2 July the enemy succeeded in breaking the bank of the irrigation channel, diverting the water so that it flowed directly towards the mud walls of the garrison fortress. Bullets, spare my only joy! Her husband, after a long career in the army, was lying among his fellow soldiers in the battlefields of France.

At one time this would have meant that the soldier had his parents’ signed permission to be serving abroad, but by this stage of the war more and more eighteen-year-olds were being sent to the front without this.

George Harwood was killed the next day, the 28th. Frederick Scurlock was born in Pembroke Dock where his father was a fitter in the dockyard.

Weep but the wasted life Of him who shrinks from the strife, Shunning the path that the brave have trod; Not for the friend whose task is done, Who strove with his face to the morning sun, Up and up to his God!