I didn’t like how they ended Iljimae, either! RyeBlossom July 10, at 7: The Yoon Kang-Soo In interactions in the previews look great! Love the guy but didn’t like his character in My Girl or Hero. I cried every single time the two of them appeared on screen together. Jan-yi asks if nothing interests her aside from the camera, because she used to be full of interest in the world and new ideas. Queen of Ambition Yawang

I was hoping for a bit of history of the guns to be part of the story since it is his weapon of choice. I actually watched a few episodes of Iljimae again recently as watching just one hour of Jun Ki oppa doesn’t satisfy my fangirl heart. Hur Jun, The Original Story You will receive a link to create a new password via email. They plead for a meeting with Hanjo with Sang-chu, and as Soo-in makes her case, Yoon-kang recognizes her voice. I didn’t expect it to be so soon so it was a pleasant surprise.

Episodes by odilettante. I like the pacing of this drama; it’s fast and doesn’t keep going in circles making us go, “We get it, move ooooooon. He offers to remove himself from the case, jun Officer Moon drily rejects that suggestion and Jung-hoon finds himself stuck.

It is so cute how Yoon Kang is still flustered everytime he sees her. The gunmen react simultaneously, spurring their horses toward each other while raising their weapons, galloping at full speed.

Both bullets land—in arms, nonfatal—and Yoon-kang falls off his horse. That’s not a lot to base on.

Retrieved January 22, I like that the show is still fitting in iadorama like that, where the new and improved Yoon-Kang still gets all flustered by her. I think he aims to find her trace too while researching his father’s death.


I’m glad we got some depth to HyeWon. Nam Sang Mi’s acting then was more natural. I wonder how long it’ll take for her to realize the truth.

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Pffft, he was so not expecting that. D I loved him in Hero too though many dislike that drama. I didn’t understand why he couldn’t get the girl accept for the obvious, being casted as the second lead You will receive a link to create a new password via email. My Girl is ik poor benchmark for Lee Jun Ki as a lovable actor.

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I absolutely believe that writers will make use of all her knowledge, everything serves a purpose in this drama. I like it but I can’t say I love it yet.

I like Nam Sangmi, I think she’s adorable, I don’t get the criticisms though. Shortly thereafter, Sohn Taek-soo awakens with a start to finds his wife bound and gagged. See more of All about korean music and drama on Facebook.

Herald Corporation in Korean. He had been dead-set on returning home immediately, but it was his rescuer Kim Ok-kyun who had persuaded him to take his time. He is a great actor, one who can shine in any type of role whether it be an action, cute, funny, serious, or tragedy role. Episode 12 by LollyPip.

She is more my type of girl and I’m loving her character so far.

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Ditto about the Legend of Korra part. Soo-in makes the purchase of photography equipment, just moments before the shop is raided by officers.

The Queen of Office Soo-in epsode them that she knows Yoon-kang died. If they aren’t going to do much with the character, I wish they had clearly killed her already.


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kadotama Thus the Chois must smooth the way with Hanjo in order to score the big deal they need. I liked when YK winked at Jung Hoon. Hilariously, though, Jung-hoon has no stomach for dangerous work and protests that he only got involved for the reward. I’m watching this drama later than everyone else here, but so far I like it, but I don’t buy it. Well,sedikit update aja nih karna yang like nambah trs,inget ga waktu suju konser SS6 ke indonesia?

OOT dikit ya sedikit kode untuk cowo” nih xixixi,selamat malam post nya saya lanjut besok: And I love that she is able to deal with explosives so the firework scene wasn’t only for a romantic atmosphere.

Download the latest version here. Usually it’s the taking off of the clothes that has that effect, right? I was hoping for a bit of history of the guns to be part of the story since it is his weapon of choice. Lee Soon Shin is the Best It isn’t looks alone.

Can’t wait for the next episode! Officer Moon meets with Gojong to report his newest findings, and now we get an official name for the society of Sugu supporters led by Lord Kim, which calls itself Suhogye. Yoon-kang glares at him, looking thoroughly epiisode then suddenly bursts into laughter. I loved the way she carry herself, like a noble lady even though she is of a lower class.