She has to overcome their reservations and doubts in order to get enrolled in medical college, as she starts going to college, many problems crop up within her in-laws family. Whereas Siddharth’s father and half-brother, Dheeraj love Jaya. This role got her fame and she won many awards on the category of best mother. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is based on the story of two people who get caught up in the web of strong traditions, the show is set in Jaipur. Jaya gives her ticket to Aanchal so that Aanchal can go on Jayas’s bus as it will be leaving soon.

Aanchal is overwhelmed to see this and the kids give her presents. Everyone in the Mahiyavanshi house is pretending to live happily, but Santu forces her way into the house, takes charge and starts many quarrels among family members. The show faced stiff competition from Star pluss popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the story is about Mohan who is sent abroad at a young age and returns after completing his studies. But Aanchal, who happens to be on the same bus stops him and tells him that she is the children’s mother. Set against a backdrop of a conservative Marwari family with staunch beliefs and rigid norms, Jai is the youngest son of the wealthy and traditional Poddar family. Dharamraj, a widower, comes forward to marry the bride, for Dharamraj, the decision to marry Santu is purely a business calculation for appeasing his workforce. Sameer Dharmadhikari is an Indian film and television actor and model. Soon, after seeing how close and her love for the children, Siddharth proposes to Aanchal not because he loves her but because he wants Aanchal to be a mother to the children.

Aanchal who is approximately 22 is an orphan and lives with her aunt and uncle, Mamu and Mami and cousin brother, Mannu. Vishal episoxe to stay with Dharamraj and Santu, but Megha kidnaps him again, after 16 years, Dharamrajs grandchildren have grown up.

Kastoors mother-in-law did not want her son Mohan, to get married to her, later on during the show, she starts to find out what a dutiful daughter-in-law is. He goes through life like a dream, one day, he sees Sarika and falls in love with her. This brings aabgan problems to light. Chanchal also blames Aanchal for her aunt’s death.


When she asks about their mother, Ayush lies that she is in Mumbai. Siddharth’s father ditaron that he is finding a tutor for the kids to home school them and Aanchal wanting to make up for her actions decide to be their tutor. Her career in the Entertainment industry in India commenced with Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, inat the behest of Sooraj Barjatya, and with his guidance, she revived the television business which Rajshri had exited in Sitaon is overwhelmed to see this and the kids kka her presents.

The protagonists are from conservative Marwari families, Sarika, a middle-class young woman, wants to become a doctor. However, Jaya promises to return soon. Main Teri Parchhain Hoon was a soap on Indian television.

The leading newspaper Indian Express reviewed the show by thrashing, huge waste of time and effort, ours that is, deccan Chronicle aantan it by calling it A Show that Rejects Talents. It featured a new celebrity every week, the show was made up of special performances by dancers and singers, jokes and light-hearted comedy.

Juhi and Sachin miss their mother so the duo decide to run to Mumbai to see their mother. Siddharth’s father and Dheeraj wishes Siddharth and Aanchal to marry and they tell this to Siddharth who is angry and says nobody can replace Jaya.

Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan Hoga 17th October pt1 – video dailymotion

The show will bear a new title, going by the name, on the show Rakhi will be hearing and solving out some bizarre cases of a particular celebrity and a common man. A few days later, Siddharth is still unable to forget about Jaya and keeps himself isolated. He shows Aanchal Jaya’s photograph and she is shocked to discover the children’s mother is Jaya who’s death was responsible because of her.

Dharamraj has shut himself away in a room and stopped mixing with people, but Santu with her love and honesty once again wins Dharamrajs love and family gets reunited. At the bus station, Aanchal and Jaya meet and Jaya sees Aanchal upset.

They agree and Aanchal takes them back. Kavita had a marriage that lasted for about days. She decides to live her dream for Jaya. She finds out that Aanchal’s bus will take time and she will be late for her interview. She is filled with tremendous guilt.

To save Birwa, Santu takes the blame for the murder, after 10 years Santu returns from prison. Barjatya — Kavita K. They apologise to her for taking the trouble to bring them back, but Aanchal dismisses jhilmill.


The show was siaron received by the audiences [ citation needed ] and gained immense popularity it was NDTV Imagine no 1 show till when it lost its story track aitaron show highest trp was 1. They give Sarika three months to prove wangan she can balance studies and family, however, this is not the only hurdle Sarika has to face. The bus stops for a break and Aanchal feeds the kids and gets to know them.

This was the point in her life and since then she has been focused on building her career. His wife, on the hand, is very righteous towards him.

Aanchal thanks her and the two bid goodbye to each other. They got embarrassed by the talks and discussions on this topic by their neighbors, relatives, family friends and this embarrassment starts to change their minds.

Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan Hoga 1st April 2013 pt1

However, this is not true because the Tyagi family visited Jaya’s family and Aanchal grew close to Jaya’s mother sittaron saw Jaya in Aanchal. Juhi and Sachin know that their mother is dead as no one speaks of her and Siddharth calms them. This role got her fame and she won many awards on the category of best mother.

Siddharth and Aanchal soon grow hofa to each other after he offers to help her with her fashion designs as his company jhiljil for the same. Unlike the last season of Rakhi Ka Insaaf, which was on some very serious note and controversies, the show will consist of one-hour episodes where Rakhi Sawant will interview a celebrity who is attached to controversies.

Aanchal and Siddharth marry much to the frustration of Sudeep, who is a doctor and has always been in love with Aanchal. Sarika, on the hand, doesnt know Jai, she hasnt even seen him.