They are what we call a Power Couple. The soon-to-come Yuri is also acknowledged in the family gathering. I try to find out by checking out other images, too. My preference, therefore, does not lie in these factors. The husband and wife are at peace with this decision. Have you ever met such a time?! Eun Go and Soseono are both rich merchants in their own right, with families influential to the crown. Sosuhno becomes the object of Prince Daeso and Jumong at the same time and when Daeso becomes the acting King while Geumwa is recovering from a war injury Daeso tries to force her into marriage.

Min-woo 81 episodes, Ho-min Yeo Oh Yeon-soo Popularity Award: Overwhelmed with rage, Geum Wa orders the general to make preparations to go to war immediately but is soon faced with rather formidable opposition from the statesmen. Song Il-gook Old Joseon Actor: He busily prepares for the impending campaign, building watch towers and beacons in covert locations. Yihwa goes through it carelessly, breaking hearts along the way. The last TV drama depicting the Koguryo Kingdom was made in

Haemosu is friends with Keumwa the prince of the local kingdom, Puyo.

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You’re reading the news with potential spoilersmake them spoiler freedismiss. Jo Sung Hee [Yoo Hwa’s escort warrior]. She had all aspects. Completely taken aback, Dae Soh seeks Young Po out and asks him with fury what was on his mind when he acted so thoughtlessly. His constant passionate partner in this ju,ong is Ohyi, the brother-friend who was the most mad at him over Buyoung.

I don’t jump into the groundbreaking conclusion after seeing trailer to one movie. Han Hye-Jin was beautiful, powerful and at times vulnerable in this role and it seems funny to me that she can also play characters like Geum-Soon in Be Strong Geum-Soon.


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I like the film for many reasons but hate it for one reason which is that it replace my favourite movie. I agree and I disagree with you. Both needed jumohg survive. But whereas Soya remained the angel, Eun Go went all out and really schemed, lying through her teeth and justifying her crime.

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But the border guards sense that something is amiss and block their way. Yeo Mi Eul herself, who arrives shortly thereafter, observes that the roundup of the refugees may be a trap and bears further investigation.

That would be as wise as judge Kdramaland after seeing only one episode of some sota. Whereas, Gye Baek gave personal attention to Choyeong only at the remaining 6 episodes of the series.

Key Holder – Silver. Meanwhile, So Seo Noh, upon hearing the news that Dae Soh has returned after settling the conflict with the Han Empire, visits him in his quarters.

Yu-Seong 81 episodes, I must confess, though, that I have not seen that much Korean dramas. King Gum wa, Jumong, Ohyi are my favorite in action! Alexander, Genghis Khan, we have the hero who overwhelmed his generation and changed history, Ladt Mo Pal Mo pledges that he will soon make much stronger swords than those of the Han Empire, now that he has found a clue to making stronger iron.


Kim Keun Hong Director. During a career which could hardly be described as a long jkmong, there are also probably not that many actors who have played such various roles and received such a variety of responses from viewers as Han jumont.

Ju Mong and his cohort hurriedly visit Man Ho in his tent. Lee Kye-in Best New Caast Yu Hwa is stunned to see Ju Mong, whom she had thought dead. Excited by the news, Bo Deuk Bool and the king go to see the new weapon.

Prince Daeso I love you. Nevertheless, Ui Ja deserves contempt.

This is their most restful stance in their shared long lives. Lee Sang Yi Ga Hee. This drama originally aired in Korea in There, he meets Yu Hwa. Bu Deuk-bul 81 episodes, Jumong is visibly at rest and ldy home with Ye Soya —he made her a part of him and refused to sever their tie from the first day they met until he found her again.

Dae Soh and Young Po watch them with a devastated look on their faces. Ju Mong and Oh Ma Hyeop are out in the market to investigate sentiments of the people.

He loved SoSeono very much even after they got married but had a lot of guilt over Yesoya and Yuri. The popularity of K-pop culture has truly become international.