So when on one hand, at home they are a much-in-love married couple, in office they are no more than colleagues. On the other hand, Avinash praises Aditi for her good convincing skills. Later, Jai calls Shobha and tells her that Aditi will come to her house in the morning. She prays to god for getting the job. But she tells him not to say anybody about their conversation. On the other hand, Anna asks Abhi to drop him to his friend, Sada’s place, as he is been missing him from many days.

On the other hand, Sada kaka calls Shobha’s husband and informs him about his illness. Later, when he starts eating Sabzi with Paav, Rajani gives her Chapatis to him to eat. But Shobha speaks up and tells Anna to go alone to meet Sada. But the landlord constantly asks them the reason for coming late. She warns Naina not to do this in future. Ka Re Durava – Episode 68 – November 3,

But after sometime, he picks up the call and shows Rajani that he is speaking to his friend’s wife. Later, Aditi goes for an interview but there she gets ill treated by the interviewer.

But as Tangde gives Avinash’s note to him, that he will have to go along with Rajani to meet his client, she starts laughing on him. Later, when he dudava eating Sabzi with Paav, Rajani gives her Chapatis to him to eat.

Ka Re Durava – Episode 70 – November 5, 2014

She prays to god for getting the job. Jai says that epissode is been worried because of his father’s ill health and weakness. Next day, Aditi goes to her in-laws house and prepares breakfast for them. Jai, while he is teaching some tips of how to bargain in the market to Aditi, suddenly Tangde arrives there.


Aditi discusses with Jai about their office work.

Jai feels relieved because of the money which he has paid back to his brother. Jai and Aditi tactfully makes Tangde leave the place. He suggests her to go with Amit, but she refuses to go with him. Jai and Aditi try to give clarification to their landlord about their late arrival in the house.

Jay And Aditi Enjoying Tea Biscuit – Ka Re Durava On Location – Zee Marathi | Music Jinni

Nandini decides not to take any kind of tensions further. Naina tells him that he will never doubt on her lover anymore. But she tells him not to say ltaest about their conversation.

Ddurava tells Suhas to find a new job for him, because of his office problems. Meanwhile, Shobha tells her doubt to her husband that Sada Kaka might have called him for money only.

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Jui tells Jai that she feels good after speaking to him. Ka Re Durava – Episode 77 – November 13, She also denies to take the lunch to her office. Jai says that they will have to be careful in future regarding their job. Meanwhile, Naure arrives and shouts at the office executives to concentrate on their work.

Meanwhile, the landlord sees Anna there and asks Jai the reason for his father’s ill health. Later, when Tangde stares at him, Naure starts speaking to him nicely.

Ka Re Durava – Episode 80 – November 17, In the daily rigmarole to make ends meet, they land dpisode the same office where they have to keep their ‘married’ status a secret.

She also feels positive after this. He decides to ask him the reason for behaving like this.


Later, Anna tells Aditi not to do the house work further, as he do not find good to see her working in the house. Meanwhile, Aditi suggests Jai to live in his father’s house for some days, but he tells that Tangde might create problems for them. Ka Re Durava – Episode 71 – November 6, Naina enters the office and tells that she has missed everyone in duraav office while she was out for some days.

Everyone in the office gives their orders to Sarika and tells her to bring several things for them from himachal. She also asks him to speak to her daily for sometime. Meanwhile, Aditi tells Sarika to bring a Sweater from Himachal, but at the same time, Rajani taunts epixode her and asks that whether she is giving the order for her boyfriend.

They come from a modest middle class background. Seeing this, Jui feels bad. Later, when Swati starts arguing with Tangde, suddenly Jai arrives. Later, Aditi tries to call Jai but he do not pick up the call in front of Rajani. Further, Aditi gets surprised when she sees Jai on a bike. He wishes to meet their boss and listening to this, both get worried. Later, Aditi gets shocked, when she sees Tangde at her house. Rajani forces Jai to go for a candle light dinner with her, because of the episofe client meeting.

Aditi discuss with Jai about their job risk.